* Sponsoring / Showcase your Site *

On the Redsoxmaniac page, we sometimes like to give recommendations and showcase our sponsors. We get a good 300 page views and 200 visitors and it is growing everyday. We won’t just place any sponsor on our site: we would have to think your product/blog/non-profit/business is suitable for our site and our audience can dig it.

These are ways your sponsorship can end up on our site:

Shout-out recommendation: These are usually recommendations on sites. They 2 to 4 sentences long, and they can come in their own blog or at the end of a blog.

Full Recommendation: This is a review for a sponsor we feel positive about what they want to place on our site. As you can see with Getoutofyourplan.com , although they are our sponsor, they have a product that helps people in such a great way. We can write the recommendation or if you have a review/link you would like to post, you can do so here.

Sponsor Category: Your business/product/interest will be placed in this category. It showcases who is dedicated to our site and its content.

Blogroll link: We have blogroll link space that you can add a link to your company.

If you want sponsor our site, please leave a comment on this listing, and I will return your message promptly. Remember, we have a criteria of who we sponsor, but we pretty much allow anything that is useful or cool for our audience. Thanks.


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