What should the first post be?


I’m not going to introduce myself in any formal manner. I am not going to talk about my younger days of going to the Fens’ and seeing Tim Naehring’s sweetly executed 5-3 double plays. I am not going to talk about how Dino Radja’s disappearance coincided with the beginning of the Boston Sports Dark Ages of the late 1990’s (not necessarily dark, just full of M.L. Carr).

I will not start my blog approaching the line of full-blown hatred that dwells in my heart for Barry Bonds, nor will I create a bowing gesture and open the figurative doors for Alex Rodriguez Home Run Kingship in 2013. My first word willint’ recognize that the Phoenix Suns may have truly been “cheated” (ha, quotes for literalism!) out of a championship, or that the Celtics may have traded away a Championship in 2012 for just one or two Eastern Conference series losses to Detroit and/or Chicago.

This blog will not inaugurate its first rant upon the apathetic conditions of NHL marketing, or the ultra-exaggerated NHL playoff announcers on NBC that might have been also auditioning for broadcasters for the WWF (f&*K the E!). I will not promise to first expose the rumors of Manny Ramirez dancing with 19 year-olds at a Tufts Party, nor will I vouch my first sentence to praise the prostitution of our beloved Fenway Park.

If all of you must inquire, My first blog note will talk about something HIGHLY IMPORTANT! I might even make it a 3-part feature if you’re lucky to have me actually do research (turn laugh track on…now). It will be about an action (or a huge lack thereof) that is committed by one powerful man in sports that sparks a great deal of emotion and stress amongst his fans.

People have talked about it coffee shops, barber shops, malt liquor shops, shops with an extra “P” and “E” at the end of its name (stay with me guys), movie theatres, car washes, animal shelters, and even Kevin Bacon’s Family house in Pennsylvania. Dick Cheney does not receive the same criticism, and he shot a man in the face!

But if I am going to start my first blog, I also want the fans to chyme in before I go insane. And my first blog, ladies and gents, is based on something I have almost gone insane asking myself for the last few years. Dear audience, my first blog is a question of a great man’s potential action, and that action is…


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