The Roger Clemens Cingular Commercial…HILARIOUS!!

I don’t like the fucker, and I can’t wait till Manny belts two off of his mediocre 91mph at Yankee Stadium in the Fall Classic. And yes, I am conceding that my sworn enemies will make it to the playoffs.

But that Clemens commercial? Fucking PRICELESS! If you haven’t seen it, I am not going to produce a synopsis but lets just say they make it a misunderstanding that he ended up joining the Yankees two months ago.

Maybe they should make an exact same commercial for J.D. Drew, only that the misunderstanding was that no one told him not to be an injury-riddled JACKASS giving no protection to Manny. Seriously, thought it was the worst move when Theo made it, still think its the worst move Theo has ever made ( I am sticking by the closer-by-committee concept, they closed that shit down faster than the Stanford Prison Experiment).



Next post: L.A. Dodger players who people think are good when they go/leave L.A. but are still fucking fat fucks that don’t play and/or live up to their contracts ( I wasn’t talking about you Cora, that 16-pitch at-bat will always be sick no matter how regular of a player you are. I’ll kiss your ass later.)

Alex Cora


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