SuperBad was BETTER Than What I Expected! Can I Hype it as Top 10 Comedy Of All-Time??

I haven’t seen Knocked Up but I was told by my friend who went to see the Midnight showing of Super Bad that this movie takes the cake. Maybe it was the atmosphere of a packed-house of Zoomass and Amherst townies who were riled up at any comedic incidence, maybe it was the high-school students who finally got to see main characters in a teen movie (by no means can I call this a teen movie) represented with substance in an adult environment, or maybe it was the rum that was buzzing in my head the hour before I sat down.

The movie had joke after joke after joke running up on the audience so FAST and clever I felt I missed at least half of them. They didn’t even use the “Sexy Hamburger” Joke that everyone was accustomed to on the commercial. I won’t get into specifics but this movie would be like South Park meets Curb meets Arrested Development. Apatow, you are the fucking man!


As for the hype, maybe if I see it again I might come back down to Earth. But I haven’t had this Cloud 9 feeling about a movie since Scary Movie. I don’t even want to place this movie in that comparable genre of crude comedy, but this movie is very well-written and covers a lot of bases on the issues of drinking & sex. Even with some coarse humor I still recommend this to pretty much everyone. Go see it, because the hype is real, and I plan to see it again because I DO BELIEVE THE HYPE (Sorry Flava Flav).


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