Big J-L, I love you but one thing you gotta do…

Jon Lester


YOU GOTTA LOWER THAT PITCH COUNT BUDDY!! I have watched Lester ever since he first came up last year and it seems like he throws eight pitches to each batter. It is great that he is coming back from a horrific cancer scare and got his life together very quickly, but there is NO WAY he is surviving five innings against the Yankees if he is sweating six innings against the ‘Rays last night.

If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised finding that he will be off of one or all of the playoff rosters come October. He would be a decent lefty out of the ‘pen, but he doesn’t have an “out” pitch that would make him anymore useful that J.C. Romero was (where is he now?).


There is no way Francona or Epstein’s going to want to see this guy hit 100 pitches by the 5th inning (He has done that at least 3 times in his career). I do see glimpses of him getting the hang of getting guys out easily but this problem doesn’t seem like it is going to go away before the trees change color. I put money that he is out if he keeps pitching like this, but we’ll see…


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