I am relieved that the “Nation” is finally exposed to the fact that Manny Ramirez has ALSO had some injury set”backs” (there’s the pun). It has been said it first started when he was in the field against Tampa Bay, but I question if it had began a little earlier in the summer ( he has been on a pseudo-skid lately). The castigation of Manny will nonetheless continue, but now I am happy and simultaneously scared shitless if Manny doesnt’ play.

Why am I happy? Still seven games...

  • The Red Sox are finally going to have to win without Manny for at least a week. And this is the most important time in his tenure as a ‘Sock that he isn’t around.
  • People will probably see how harder it is to win without this lovable loser in the outfield, and will see how hard it is to beat the Yankees without his bat.
  • Manny gets some time off before the playoffs. Contrary to public opinion,Manny plays a ton of games during the seasons, and always had lingering injuries even in his young days with Cleveland ( remember ’99, played 140+ games and had 165 RBIs? Rediculous!). This guy doesn’t just become lazy, and even has played injured on many occasions ( where he has had a continual hamstring injury his whole career (1999,2001,2002) that has been brushed off).

Why am I sad? oh geez Vick, Why!

  • Without Manny, the offense is going to clearly struggle against good teams, and it will show.
  • Ortiz is now highly vulnerable. Even putting Lowell behind him you risk the opposing pitcher to pitch around one or both of them. I predict either Ortiz and Lowell are going to slump without Manny, and that together will average around 2 walks per game in his absence.
  • JD Drew sucks and these occasions are the reason we paid him $15 million. He is a great drive hitter who can walk and should protect hitters in front of him. But if he continues to struggle ( Don’t come back with “Oh, but he hit a homerun last week”, because he is 5 for his last 32!), this offense will not score more than 4 runs a game. period.

JD Drew is the 5-man, 3-spot backup hitter whose job is to keep the lineup stable in case the big guys get injured. Manny is having an off-season, but he is still going to end up with 100+ RBI (which runs scored is all that matters for the final score, last time I checked the MLB rule book).

Let us hope that Manny comes back healthy and that this doesn’t linger into the postseason. I hate it more than anyone to be a nay-sayer, but the Red Sox will be hard-pressed (to put it lightly) to make the World Series without him. And I don’t have any faith of putting the injury burden on the shoulders of an overpaid fuckface who hasn’t protected Many all season. Lowell has done probably the best job a 6-hitter can accomplish and doubt he is going to be able to do more. All I can say is,

JD Drew, you better get your act straight. Or we are going to fucking lose. Not because of Manny. But because of you.


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