My Youtube Post: Joba Throws at Youkilis ( Full Video)

UPDATE : MLB Advanced Media took down my video. You have probably noticed there is no baseball ( none ) on Youtube, and MLB is doing its best to vault its media and share it only with other corporate media outlets.

I find it sad because there is a lot of baseball that would be great to watch that I know MLB wouldn’t make a dime off of ( like great plays from Darren Bragg ).

I will talk about this issue in a later post.


This is why a an ALL-IN-Wonder card is ill. I knew something was going to happen in this game:

Clip was taken off Youtube, sorry guys. MLB Advanced Media are greedy whores and kick people off youtube for posting game spots.

This is a great wake-up call to the Sox. I love them and all, but they now have to realize that:

  • Their offense SUX without Manny (against good teams), period.
  • The Yankees are dickheads, but they were and are in it to destroy them. If they don’t get that 2004 mentality back, they are done in the 1st round, regardless of the team.
  • Ortiz isn’t as good without Manny around, and cannot beat any team alone if he was.
  • A rookie currently had more heart in this rivalry than the Sox did. I still don’t like what Joba did, but he did something, and if that was to prove a point, the Red SOx better do something QUICK or they will find a rookie make them look like pussies in 1st.

3 thoughts on “My Youtube Post: Joba Throws at Youkilis ( Full Video)

  1. I’m not a Red Sox fan but to tell you the truth, about the MLB Advanced Media part, I only posted ONE VIDEO on one of my YouTube accounts, which had some MLB footage, and MLB Advanced Media had it removed! I decided to close that account to avoid having it suspended. I won’t re-upload the video because I don’t want to break copyright laws, but MLB Advanced Media should take down the videos that are full-length clips of like all 9 innings of an MLB game or a TV special they did! They don’t care about the Copyright Act of 1976, and they don’t even have a YouTube channel, for crying out loud!

    • They will ban videos of old games that they will never show or even release on video. I know they have licenses with other media outlets, but I don’t think a fan is watering down their product if they show a Stan Belinda relief appearance. I hear ya.

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