Randy Moss Interview after Patriots 38-14 Win over the Jets

Wow. How much do you need to know after watching that game?  I’m still not completely sold, even hearing that this guy was too injured to play only to come out and play like he had to achieve Jerry Rice status in 3-quarters

These highlights are sick. Look at the triple-team toward the end. WTF! I am psyched. I can’t even sleep after watching those highlights. Anyway, after the game, this is what he had to say:

 Bob Neumeier: Randy, are you looking at this opportunity to revitalize your own career at this point?

Randy Moss:
I don’t need to revitalize — everybody knows who I am, so I don’t need to revitalize nothing.

Randy, let me ask you a different way: do you think you made a statement today. Or a restatement of your ability, and your place in this football league as a wide receiver.

Man, I leave that up to you guys. That’s what the talk shows, and … and the game shows are for. You know, just to tell the people the nonsense that y’all believe in. You know, like I say, man, I’m just happy and very blessed, you know, to really be in this position. And I think I told you way back before I became a Patriot that, you know, I wanted to showcase my talents. And today I think I did that.

This was a great game, but let’s not forget that we have the Chargers to deal with next week. And they also plan to use Ladanian Tomlinson at wide-out more, so we’ll see our 3-4 put to more work.

Ps: Did anyone see that Junior Seau look when we tried to call a timeout with no timeouts left in the 2nd? Priceless.


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