I Got out Of My Cell Phone Contract ( Yes, A plug), And the Celts Suck Again!

I have to plug it because I was in sure debt with the Verizon service ($200/month is usually rent, not calling my girl), so I was thinking of putting on the early-termination fee to get out of it.

But browsing through the online mess, all I can say is: Phone transferring rules! I used Getoutofyourplan.com and CellSwapper.com. The first is an aggregate of all the phone transfer services and the second just rules in general. Now, I don’t have to pay the early fee ( and if I can get some more money, well hellllooooo Iphone!).

My whole fascination is why these sites aren’t popular in the first place? I would’ve done this months ago if I knew they existed!

The Celtics lost to the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday at home. No, this isn’t 2007, and Delonte West isn’t priming up to be the next Billups ( Pitino!!!). It was a pitiful game that showed that the Celts think they can win with arrogance and apathy but simultaneously both contexts killed them throughout.

The nonchalance of the bad passes, bad shot selection, and peek-a-boo defense demonstrated that this team (regardless of the ESPN Rankings) have a LONG way to go before there is a cohesion that can bring them past Round 2. Playing like this (and for a quarter you can add against Detroit) will keep them from playing more than 10 games in the playoffs. Even with Allen coming back soon, he can’t shoot quick-shot-clock-meltdown 3 points all the time.

But I am not hating. Maybe this will show them that 100% has to be kept to keep this run going. Because everyone is gunning for them. And the schedule is getting a little tense, will tail off towards the end of the month, and then Ides of February will test their mettle as a championship team. Beat these teams up quick, because they have 7-8 games left until then.

PS: I love Rondo as much as the next guy, but does anyone think a trade needs to happen to solidify the play-caller for this team? Some of his passes are awful, and he shows the signs of someone who hasn’t played 2 years in the NBA. It shows bad, and I hope he can get it together before he runs against Billups & Parker in May…


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