I called the Giants win perfectly! Someone give me a Gambling Gig!

I always like to brag- and so does every common man with Couch Potato knowledge of Tony Banks- about how insanely great my knowledge and perception are within the realm of professional sport. I am such a bragger, that the last sentence just smells of pomp pretentious-assholeness of the highest order. I am flapping my newspaper back and forth it smells so hefty in here.

The stench must’ve come from my bold prediction of the Giants v Packers Game ( or as I call it: The Brady-Sacrifice-to-the-Football-Gods Bowl) that I wrote ferociously on Yahoo! Answers a couple of days ago.

My prediction was already in mind, but I didn’t care to mention it because I felt the world really didn’t care about either of these teams to pick a definitive winner. But then going through the Yahoo site, there were a boatload of questions that just spewed this Unzipping-Favre’s-Pants-Party ideology and it was getting out of hand.

“Are the Packers going to beat the spread?”

” How many TDs will Favre score?”

” How many carries will Grant have ( Doubt this was asked expecting a Packers loss)?”

Responses varied in the forms of great anonymous (and mostly female, mind you) intelligible analyst retorting beautiful music such as: “Of course they will”, ” They will win because Favre has so much fun playing!”, ” A blowout: Packers 42- 17″, ” Can I lick the salty-sweet sweat off of Al Harris’ forehead?”<—– The last one was a joke, he is a great cornerback.

None of these people know anything about sports and it isn’t only that I disdain idiotic fans ( or pseudo-fans, or not-really-fans-but-my-spouse-watches-it fans) but idiotic fans that have these asinine reasons why the Packers are going to win. Look at this question and look at the best answer. Sometimes, these are the types of interaction in forums that make you sit up and salute the Red-White & Blue shedding a tear on the right eye.

But my prediction was on point (my avatar is Redsoxmaniac of course), so I will end my post with a bow. I got work and my boss is on my left shoulder. Till next time.


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