Are you bored? Learn a Language!

I went to school to study languages, and I became semi-fluent in 2 at a point ( Spanish & Portuguese). It reached a point where I would forget words in English ( ” Would you pass me the… that thing? Yes, the fork. Sorry, my brain hid the word from me…”) and would sound like a total bumbling idiot.

Now, no longer in school and working the greatest mind-numbing job of all-time ( Spreadsheets? Noooooo…. Washing Dishes! I love my major…), I found most of my skills are degrading. They are so bad, that I have forgotten most words in all my learned languages, and when I use my skills to pick up ze women, I kinda look like this:

Yep, wide-eye with nothing in between

In between saying “Compendo Lo Francais agora!” & ” I am soo awesome”, A lot of people who were my friends before those statements begin to exodus out of my idiot circle. And I am left alone with my self-esteem dropping in correlation to the US dollar, and my eroding intelligence.

But I got back on track and hit the books again, and discovered that anyone ( I am dumb, so listen up you above-average blokes!) can learn a language in their spare time. It is fun, and you have reason to watch the hotties on Telemundo (speaking of Latina Beauties).

Just a passing thought. Learn a language. Google up some sites that will help. Here are some sites I use to get my thinker going. Adios, mes amies! <—- Yea that’s right!


See what you can learn in Italian from here; there is a ton of learning features on Google.


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