Goddamn it! Another Hottie… (Alessandra Ambrosio)

I actually don’t like posting more about women than about sports. Or geopolitics. My whole point is to encompass a lot of entertainment so I can trap unknowing web surfers onto my site and read my weekly bullshit. Rosalyn Sanchez was one, and here is the other. She is downright amazing, but ladies n’ gents, we gotta get back to the why this site was made…

Up next: Obscure Player Tributes. If you never got hot n’ heavy over Mark Lemke, you’ll love him after our next post!

Alessandra Ambrossio
“The Patriots can cover my spread anytime, Heyoo!…Hello? Yes,
I am going to go +12 Giants this Sunday Lou. Take the bet now? Why?It’s going down to 10? By Friday? Because all of the Giants fans expect to win? Such a hard decision
to make in my underwear…”
” I am so beautiful, that if you look deep into my eyes, you will
find the heart of Tim Naehring.”

2 thoughts on “Goddamn it! Another Hottie… (Alessandra Ambrosio)

  1. Great looking blog . . . not only for the women photos, but for the parchment-paper look. Alessandra is amazing!

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