Jeremy Green is an Ass. I Needed to Get That Off My Chest!

Ok, my rant has to do with ESPN’s Inside Football Guru Jeremy Green. As any normal sports fan does on a daily basis and browse ESPN for eight hours and facebook for three, you may have stumbled upon his free article ( yes, you have to pay to read his shit), that had stated:

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

I wrote these words big because that is how I remembered them. And it wasn’t even his prediction, but how awful the article was in his reasoning. Respect? Patriots defense is overrated? Hell, I can rant and pull off a better article while holding a sleeping infant. The article would have mispellings since I couldn’t put the baby down. My mind would be too busy hoping he wouldn’t wake up. I would be under intense baby-sleeping pressure and would still write a half-ass article 10 times better than this fuck.

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

Read that. I know this is weeks ahead, but read it. He was so sure that the Jaguars with a newbie QB (Belichick’s favorite NFL playoff entree), with a defense that is decent but has not had the pleasure of facing 4 top-notch receiver that hold their own place in different parts of the field, against a team whose defense doesn’t allow plays in the red zone. period (sorry 4-yard run game!).

My analysis above was a poor excuse for good sports writing, and it is better than whatever garbage Jeremy Green puts out. He has another one about he wrote how the Jaguars “Having the right pieces” to win against the Pats. This is your title, my friend:

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

That watered down bullshit article you placed after the loss only exemplifies you pass off the Jags as playing a bad game that they could’ve won. You overlook the fact that the Jaguars were so physical that they held Brady pretty much to passing up front ( only 2 plays went over 30 yards; one to Stallworth and other to Maroney,  most coming after the catch.) . Their defense actually played a good game and held Brady from completing the dangerous long passes that have killed dozens of teams this year. And our defense held your great run game to 3.6 yards per carry and 80 yards total. I call that an abysmal game for a team that has three good runners in the backfield and NEEDS to push its running game forward to bruise their opponents and get Garrard some passing lane room.

ESPN needs to hire me, because I know what I am talking about when it comes to sports. Your cornerback article was good, don’t get me wrong, but ESPN needs to change its Inside content; I’m not paying for articles that explain nothing remotely close to prediction and game analysis. If this guy is an Inside writer, than who the fuck is paying to read that bullshit?


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