Never Forgotten: Dino Radja

I know at the tender age of 24, I wasn’t able to soak in the greatness of the 80’s Celtics teams, and when you talk to the older gents in Celtics Nation, its hard to compare much since my basketball IQ doesn’t push before the 93-94 season. But after that season, due to the dark ages of those mid-90’s Celtics teams, you never really hear any mention of the players or events that transpired during those horrific years ( I’m not hatin’, M.L. Carr; I am just sayin…)

What bugs me the most is that there aren’t many people who were into the Celtics during those times, and those who were fail to conjure up that piece of history for our beloved franchise. When was the last time you went into a local pub and someone asked where the fuck Sherman Douglas went? Or how did Alton Lister even make it so far in the NBA that he decided to play for the Green at 37 years old. Chauncey Billups anyone? The Tim Duncan fiasco? ( That was a fucking fiasco if you ask me; proper karma by the gods.)

So few good memories before the Walker-Pierce tandem of the late late 90’s early 00’s ( even then I had problems letting go of Walker’s game in the Final Four matchup that never was apparently.), yet there were so many good ones. And one guy that everyone should give an applause to before he enters the room ( just pretend), the one guy that you couldn’t hate ’cause he was the shit, the man who mastered the up-fake so well that it has never been recorded perfectly in NBA history, I give you, my friend: DINOOOOO RADDJJJJAAAAA!!!!

I miss this guy. It was weird how he came here and then within a few years he went back to Europe. His game was sick. He was real old to play great defense, but if you want to know where Ginobili and Turkoglu got their game from, try to find more Dino highlights. Tommy Points weren’t given out back then, but Dino would be an NBA record setter in them if they were.)

I salute you, Dino Radja, with the 15-foot jumper off the corner. Hope you are well, wherever you may be.

Dino WIki:


2 thoughts on “Never Forgotten: Dino Radja

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  2. Radja is in Croatia and has been involved in European basketball. He actually just retired only a few years ago. He made a crapload of money playing in the NBA and Europe and is now the team president/GM of his hometown Split team.

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