Why Plaxico, Why!?!?

I love the Plaxico story. This guy has been injured all year to the point he can’t practice. He had alienated his offensive coach because he can’t perform routes with Manning, and was riding a thin line of having his season ending playing on his injured knee. Through all of this he has been able to be a very productive receiver and place his team one game away from the big crown. His last game against the Packers is one for the ages, and his dominant play produced ( I think, tell me if I am wrong on this) only the 2nd road win for a team in Lambeau Field in playoff history.

 Having the good vibe of a cinderella team going against arguably the greatest team of all time, you would have to ask yourself why? Why? WHy? WHY?


Why would you guarantee a Super Bowl win? The most crucial of all games, against the most feared opponent in recent sports memory. Why would you look at Brady, Moss, Harrison, Welker, Seymour, Brusci, Stallworth, Thomas, Wilfork, & hey the hell with it, let’s add in Gotcha-Kowski ( I don’t know how to spell his name so thats his name in my blog from now on). How can you look at all these players, and go up to the public media itching for even vapor from an NFL player’s breath to utilize for sports coverage, and call the game to be 23-17 in favor of the Giants?

It doesn’t really make sense, and the way that the question was asked ( Are you going to beat the Pats ) made it easy to pull Plaxico’s confidence of his team into place. In the end, you ask yourself if this guy somehow was going to respond, “No, I think we are going to lose, but I like going to Arizona as a good vacation getaway”. Shame on the media for this bullshit over-hype of a game everyone knows is going to happen. It suscks being bombarded with stories of Welker & Harrison’s childhood, or whether Brady is going to drink out of the boot if he wins the game ( that was false), and it diminishes much of the game that will be an exciting 3 hours of TV ( writers not included 😦 Come back soon…).

But shame on Plax for pushing the line. Yes, it pretty much seemed like he was joking, but don’t do that. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of media mob insanity, and seeing that you are now quoted for the game to end 23-17, you are now in charge of making sure it happens. So much better if you had just avoided that dreaded question, but it looks like you are not even going for the spread, but you’re marching for the upset of this century ( only 8 years guys, relax). Good luck Plax, because everyone is watching. And I don’t think playing the Pats in turf is yielding 23 points.


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