Addictive vs. Addicting: WTF!?

I always hear people say, “This and that are addicting”. And then I reply with a frying pan to the face! Then once I sprang back from my dream of hatred toward people who say addicting and not addictive, I question where the hell addicting came from. I had never heard of the word until I was 18. I thought I was just stupid, and then remembered that I was smarter than 99% of the human population. No fucking way these meatheads are getting an edge on me in voodoo vocabulary. I know four languages. I have a right to know WTF! random words and idioms are utilized in today’s society ( currently captivated with how the youngins go around “Supermaning those hoes!“- warning EXPLICIT CONTENT!).

But my annoyance with the debate was assauged with this article I found going the Google. Going the Google is my new phrase. I could’ve edited this article and changed my mistake. But I am too lazy, so if you guys feel like marketing the phrase, by all means.


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