A Little TidBit About the Shaq Trade

I didn’t get to see the game, but after watching the Sportcenter Highlights and seeing the end score, I was very shocked! The sentiments of John Hollinger in his analysis of the the last three weeks of NBA trades explains my true feelings:

” As I’ve written, I hated this trade and nothing that happened Wednesday night changed my mind. Shaq was supposed to improve Phoenix’s defense; in his first game the Suns gave up 130 points.

I’ll admit O’Neal looked better than I thought he would; on the other hand, Pau Gasol beat him down court by 30 feet twice in the final five minutes, which is pretty discouraging considering the court is only 94 feet long.

Since the fall of Rome ( aka The Patriots), I haven’t been laughing much, but that was the funniest little sports bit I’ve heard in a week. You can read his entire article at ESPN Here.


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