Sklar Brother’s Cheap Seats Funny Video: The Kelly Rapp Rap

The only reason this show never took off because A) It is on at fucking 2AM on ESPN 2 or at 1pm on the main station ( HELLO! I am at my job working hard on my blogs and Facebook here! Geeezus!). B) The only people who would even understand half of their jokes are all-around die-hard sports fans.

The Sklar Brothers had a Comedy Central Special and it was pretty funny. I think the fact that they have done an assortment of jokes and have included the most uber-specific sports references in their work ( “Like Zinedine Zidane, I’ll put my head on your chest”). If you know a lot of shit about sports, you gotta check out these guys. They are amazing comedians, and sucks that they get so little work they resort to those VH1 top-100 Whatever-the-Fuck-is-rotting-America’s Minds countdown. Here is a video they made as a tribute to a female 80’s bowler Kelly Rapp.

OH WAIT! There’s A Remix ( Even Funnier)


One thought on “Sklar Brother’s Cheap Seats Funny Video: The Kelly Rapp Rap

  1. I just caught this episode. You are soooo right about Cheap Seats. It’s probably one of the best ESPN shows I’ve ever seen. The block of Cheap Seats and Classic Now was must-see TV to a sports and 80’s/90’s pop culture junkie like me.

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