5…… 5 Dollar…… 5 Dollar Jingle!

That Subway 5-Dollar Jingle is pretty catchy. When I heard it as background noise, I assumed it was some random band on MTV2, which is the 6th-most watched channel (5th – ESPN, 4th – Comedy Central,  3rd – VH1 Soul, 3rd – ESPN, 1st – NESN, for which the Red Sox take up 90% of my TV watching) on my couch potato plate.

I turn to it and see its just a silly Subway commercial. But that jingle is really catchy. I would actually like to sing it or randomly whistle it, but you don’t get positive reactions on your intelligence and well-being when you are captivated and influenced to randomly sing commercial jingles in public ( although I’ve hummed the 1800-64-Giant number out of sheer boredom/insanity).

I thought I was the only one, but my friend overheard some other guy in our school gym singing, not humming, singing ( softly ) the song while he was working out. You would think people would have some self-worth to not degrade themselves into humming fast-food jingles while they lift their self-esteem by working out, but it didn’t stop this mofo’.
And to be honest, I don’t blame him. The song is fuckin’ sweet and I am going to admit it. That’s all.


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