The Celtics Win at Home Again… Can They Win the Championship Losing All Their Road Games?

If they do some bullshit like that, I will be insanely disappointed. They would be the worst team to ever win a championship. It would be somewhat funny, but it would be boring and I wouldn’t find any pride in them if they pull some shananigans like that.

I am a die-hard fan, but it isn’t like they are losing these road games playing their best. They play clutch at home; they play like fucking Jim Leyritz poured some Yankee magic into their boxers. On the road, they look like the ghost of Nick Anderson comes swooping in every 2nd half.

The scary part is if you have been watching the C’s all season, you have (barely) come to grips with their lapses. They would happen at home, they would happen on the road. They would happen on O, they would happen on D ( Joe Johnson!). They happen with green eggs and ham! But in the playoffs, they have been happening with Sam! He looks so bad I think he ate the green eggs with ham! And with Jesus Shutttlesworth!

Allen is probably the biggest reason for our road woes. These teams are playing zones and double-teaming anyone who comes off the screen off the block pass the three point line.  This creates a huge traffic jam, and the squeeze can be fixed with a quick 24-footer by Allen. But the fucker has missed so many shots, his offense ( which isn’t needed in points more than it is needed to break the zone and keep defenders honest ) his sorely missing.

They usually set him up with a screen, where he can option it to the screener ( Garnett, sometimes Pierce ) or find Rondo who can slash through towards the hoop if he has a step on his defender. The teams have been breaking this up with the double-team blitzing off the screen and/or pick & roll ( this is being done a lot in the playoffs this year, I hope this isn’t the new equivalent to the Hockey zone trap defense.) This keeps Allen honest from getting a set shot, but he has to regain that playmaker role and go after some of these defenders. It sucks because he hasn’t had to do that all season, and it will be a total makeover for the Celts game plan. But to have him as non-factor is scary, and will only invite more chaos into the Celtics offense that has been shown to lose its goddamn mind when away from Beantown.
They can win all of their games at home, but is this what is needed to happen for them to win a championship? For a team that went 31-10 in the regular season on the road, I hope that isn’t what the fans are expecting, and I hope that isn’t in the players’ psyche either. If it is, and base on their current playing style, I hope your psyche can also stomach watching another team hoist up the Finals trophy in June.


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