A Little Bit of Yankee Fodder…

Going through random sports articles, I found two that caught my eye.

Tony Maschetti at The Dugout Central has a great tirade on the wonderful job the Yankees have been doing during this season. His tirade is warranted and is based on the age of the Yanks and their inability to immerse any young talent into the mix ( unlike the Sox, which btw I am fucking surprised how pretty much all of our prospects are ill.).

I also dug up an article where a guy is talking about a the Johan Santana and how the prospects the Twins received are fairing in the minors. Outdated by at least 3 weeks, but I like this tidbit he has about Yankees ( supposedly ) future star Ian Kennedy:

The Yankees want the 23-year-old first-round pick to regain his confidence ( in the Minors ) and won’t say when Kennedy will return.

It’s a little funny ( I’ve been luaghing my ass off so much the I spelled laugh wrong; yes, I’m a crazy guy!) that someone in management of players in a sport where confidence means so much, someone is trying to instill confidence in an unproven prospect by demoting the poor sucker to the minors. That is like getting mad at a new cook for not doing his job and telling him to go to dishwashing duties for a couple of months to get his cooking confidence back.

I know that training in the minors is essential, but I am wondering whether stepping back and blowing away opponents who aren’t that good ( Is pitching in minors from pitching in the majors like playing basketball with your 10 year-old sister?) is a boost for the kid. If anything, I think these measures are going to rattle him and only pressure him to do better when he gets back. Which is what everyone wants, but under the insane pressure of producing for the Yankees and  the Steinbrenner is going to be asking a lot from the kid.

You gotta remember; Hideki Irabu & Jose Contreras had problems succumbing to the pressure here, and they were already pressure-trained from playing at high levels in their own country. Anyways, good luck giving Ian Kennedy some confidence by demoting him. When I own my own business, I’ll think of placing inefficient workers to the mailroom so they can get their groove back. They’ll love it, and I will be manager of the year. I wonder what other great management systems the MLB can offer me?


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