Never Forgotten: Hideki Irabu

I don’t have much to say about this guy. He had a great deal of talent but was just a huge waste of money ( well, getting an overseas sensation for $4 million a year is a bargain in this age ). I remembered him pitching on Fox sports on Saturdays the Yankees were on ( hey, those Red Sox 5:05 games opened up some free afternoon time. Relax!).

I always mention his name as a fun random reference. If you ever play a game naming out obscure 90’s baseball players ( or players who just fell off the popularity map ), plunking this guy name’s down will nail you a win ( unless Todd Van Poppel or Scott Stohoviak get smacked down right after.)

He owns a restaurant in the West Coast now. I guess he is living the dream: Play for the Yankees, suck horribly, do well back in your home country, make some money off the ‘States before the economy crashes, and open a business that will make more money and feed your fat ass at the same time.
If you’re reading this Hideki, its a joke. I got it from the beautiful accolades Steinbrenner had said about you before you left. Do you two still talk?


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