From Hades and Back… The Celtics Move Onto The Big Show

     The Celtics                       








The Celtics, having been clawing and fighting their way throught the playoffs, had finally found the mmmph to get things done against the Pistons. Now, they can see a little light towards the end of this tunnel.

Where can I start? I can start with my outrage over officials allowing a lot more contact against the Celtics than against the Pistons ( Celtics were called for six more fouls, 28-22, than the Pistons. Not including that the Pistons were forced to foul four times down the stretch). I can start with the two amazing jumpers Kendrick Perkins hit during the game.

I can delve into the resurgence and confidence of Ray Allen throughout this series, and how he brought the offensive synch back to the team that was in disarray before this series. I can talk about how the Gundy Trap wasn’t used as much in this series, and players like Rondo, Perkins, & PJ Brown made important open jumpers to punish its use.

I can bring back memories of how close the Celtics were to making the Finals in 2002. I can post up links relating the Celtics-Lakers classics in the past. I can tirade about how the Celtics’ story is way more prominent and meaningful than Kobe’s return to the final dance. I can analyze how defense will win this series, and how deep the Lakers’ bench is.

I can write about how I was close to tears as I saw Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce hug after the biggest win of their careers. I can blab about how amazing Rajon Rondo is to this team, and how I had no confidence in him for the first two-thirds of the season. I can draw upon the wariness of all Boston fans when we saw Bill Belichick in the stands during the home games. Why Bill Belichick, why?

I can culminate all the good memories of this season and seemlessly demonstrate how the pinnacle of the year will commence with Garnett’s head next to the golden trophy. It should culminate as such, but I will write about we should all take a deep breath, feel good that the road is almost over, and understand that for both the Celtics and Lakers, the road is evenly paved for both teams.

Whoever is hungrier is going to win it. Let’s leave it at that for today.


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