ESPN Update on The Youkilis / Manny Ramirez’s Skirmish. ( With Video of the Hit )

This makes a lot more ( and a little less ) sense now that ESPN has gotten the reason why Manny & Kevin Youkilis had this altercation ( Here is the video that shows the Manny hit & push ). 2nd Update ( 6/07/08), A Globe article on more of the incident.

Here is the ESPN Link. It makes sense because I guess there has been some complaints about Youkilis’ active behavior at the plate. It makes less sense because, out of anyone to vocalize about professional disposition, it was Manny who stepped up to confront Youkilis. I think its more hilarious than anything. Great day for getting all the anger out. Now we can keep this streak going against the struggling Mariners.

Ps; Did you see The Mariners’ Manager McClaren blow up? Actually it was pretty tame, and I don’t blame him. They should be doing a lot better than this, and I bet they’ll be back at .500 come August. They have to get their hitting back with their good pitching. That comes easier than vice-versa.


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