The Beantown Brawl: Three Red Sox And Five Devil Rays Suspended.

It was clear as the replays kept showing the brawl between The Devil Rays and the Red Sox that the Rays probably had been inciting more mischief around the melee. Tim Kurkjian on baseball tonight had said that Coco was going to receive a stiff penalty for his actions and his comments detailing the incident and implicitness in the altercation.

But the penalty wasn’t as bad as thought. He will go down in the count for seven games, which I feel is adequate, and surprised that his comments didn’t land him more. James Shields was also fined for six games, and the fine amounts are undisclosed.

Shields is a starting pitcher, so this is the equivalent to one start. I don’t know why they did six games instead of five. Although his comments implicated his willingness to hit Crisp, he hit him in the leg, and even Crisp gave him props for not head-hunting.

Where the fines do make sense were the trouble-makers during the chaos. Johny Gomes and pitcher Edwin Jackson got five-game bans. Crawford & Akinori Iwamura, for getting those cheap shots at the end, got a four-game and three-game suspension respectively.

For the Red Sox, Jon Lester and Sean Casey ( I don’t remember them being involved, but that could be the NESN broadcast and/or my love-of-the-Sox bias ) for five and three games respectively.

Crisp is batting right in front of my face so I guess he’s appealing it. And rightfully so, now that Ellsbury is day-to-day with his wrist. The Boston Globe has reported he is available for pinch-hit duties, so I guess it isn’t serious. But this team isn’t going to take risks on their soon-to-be-superstar outfielder ( Wow, I am coming up with top-notch analysis today ain’t I?)

“You sure are”, answers Sarcasm. “You sure are…”

The suspensions for Shields, Gomes, and Lester are going to start tonight.  Crawford’s will start his on the 11th, Edwin Jackson on June 13, Sean Casey on June 14, and Iwamura is starting his vacation on the 17th.


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