WTF!? Manny Ramirez Goes After Youkilis in The Dugout During Game! (Not to mention the Sox-Rays Fisticuffs)

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Manny Youkilis fight

This Type of Nonsense; I Cannot Explain…

This game is already intense. A fight has already broke out between James Shields and Coco Crisp after shields hit him with a 91mph fastball to Coco’s legs. This has been brewing for the last 24 hours and I wasn’t surprised that this happened ( in the 2nd inning which is a lil’ quick).

Coco stayed calm for a second after getting hit, and suddenly he used his amazing speed to beat the catcher Dave Navarro to the mound. When he approaches the mound full-speed to reach Shields, the pitcher throws a hurling right punch, and Coco swiftly ducks away from it ( like a boxer; his father was a boxer as said in his bio.), and lands a decent shot to the side of James Shield’s head.

Video of the Fight

These fights do not last long, and this one follows the same time structure as the catcher and other Rays’ players surround Crisp and take him down. There were a lot of sneak punches pulled by Carl Crawford and others while he was on the ground, but the only ejections ( that I noticed ) was Shields and Crisp after the fight concluded.

There will be suspensions, and multiple replays of the incident for all of you to see.

What DID surprise me is not only Manny’s game ( currently he has drove in five runs ), but after the inning where he drove in runs with the bases loaded, the camera cues in on Manny behind restrained by four players from Kevin Youkilis.

There is no audio, and it is hard to decipher what the hell is going on, but I had to write this because it is rare to see Manny show ANY emotion. Ever. He has been ridiculed by his teammates before, and has shrugged it off with total Manny-being-Manny nonchalance. He has been thrown at constantly by opposing pitchers, and have had horrible pitches get called strikes, only to see him walk away with a demeanor as calm as Corona 16-ounce facing the a beach sunset.

The fire and intensity he showed toward Youkilis had to have been something incredible, because Ramirez hasn’t showed this type of ire since running after Clemens in the 2003 ALCS.

This is strange. And Youkilis is another player I could rarely see voicing anything against his players, no less the best hitter on the squad. Maybe the post-game conference will shed some light on this situation. These things are always in-house with the Sox; I doubt we will get any information to make sense of Manny going insane.

Just weird. I have never seen Manny go after another player. During a game with a huge fight, the Red Sox comfortably winning, and Manny hitting better than he has been doing all year, the timing for this altercation between two great players is strange. Hopefully, not an ominous sign of any other trouble that could come down the road.


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18 thoughts on “WTF!? Manny Ramirez Goes After Youkilis in The Dugout During Game! (Not to mention the Sox-Rays Fisticuffs)

  1. Yeah totally crazy night. I heard on Channel 5 that Youk was giving Manny a hard time for not going out to help Coco. If possible I could see Manny not backing his squad like that and Youk being the complete opposite. If true i have to say shame on Manny.

  2. Manny probably got tired of Youkilis being such a sissy about everything. Good baseball player, and I guess that’s all that really matters but he is such a sore loser, I can’t stand the guy. He doesn’t have a Sox attitude, he ruins the morale of the whole team. Two words: BIG BABY!!!!


  4. Who is talking trash? WTF are you talking about?

    Please, don’t watch sports if you are this stupid.

  5. As a Rays fan, I kinda wish the whole thing never happened because so many players are going to get suspended…

    As for the Ramirez-Youkilis incident, I think Manny is the kind of guy who won’t really get fired up because he is generally a jolly guy. Also, he was probably “the last one out of the dugout” because he had a bad hamstring.

  6. Sorry steve. A lil’ journalistic embellishment. He’s shorter so it his hit padded him on the back. Coco said he missed, too.

  7. I hate the Devil Rays and now after watching all of those players throw cheap shots on Crisp it makes me hate them even more.

    I’m not worried though. They’ll be back where they belong by August: In the cellar of the AL East.

  8. Im not very big on baseball.. But i must admit i do love seeing these on Sportscenter… And the pitcher was swinging a hay-maker… He wanted to take someones head off lol.
    And hey.. it’s just Manny being Manny lol

  9. coco made a good dodge…shields almost clocked him good but damn they just piled coco after that, he had no chance

  10. Hey my dad and I have had weekend season tickets to Fenway for around 20 years…and I have never seen so much hatred between two teams…not even the Sox Yanks rivalry has seen as many fights as the Sox and Rays.

  11. Did anyone ever consider that maybe Manny doesn’t want to risk getting hurt by jumping in the pig pile? Furthermore, if you watch the replay, Manny was out there and walks back into the dugout after its all over. I heard on the news that Manny got tired of Youkilis throwing things after a bad at bat, so I was right, tired of the baby. And no I don’t like him when he hits home runs, at the games when everyone chants YOUK, I just sit there. If he didn’t hit them, someone else would, I said it once, I’ll say it again, he doesn’t fit it with the Sox.

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