I’ve Been Incredibly Busy

But I will come back with some good stuff in about a few days. I am sorry I have been putting my stuff on the back-burner. I have a lot to talk about, but very little time to sit in front of the computer. I’ll give away $10 to anyone who can tell me something that was different about Wakefield’s last start ( against Arizona ). Seriously, I will paypal it to you. If you can tell me something that was different, anything, I will give you $10.


One thought on “I’ve Been Incredibly Busy

  1. You can go ahead and start making out the Cheque to Mr. Harry Nads right now because I have the answer to your question.

    First of all, Tim Wakefield is a knuckleball pitcher. This means that when he’s on his game, there’s a good chance that he can limit his opposition to under 7 hits. When he’s off his game, then he may get yanked in the first few innings. When he’s REALLY on his game then he’s almost untouchable.

    But you probably knew all of this, however, since you’re a Red Sox fan (I don’t hate you for rooting for the wrong team) I don’t know for sure if you had this knowledge.

    Moving on… the wind plays a big part in a knuckleballers game. This is because it can add spin to the ball. Adding spin to a knuckleball is devastating for the pitcher. However, if it’s a strong wind blowing east it will actually create the “live ball” effect and can actually work to the pitchers advantage.

    Lack of wind knowledge is evident in most sport sections around the globe. Most “sports reporters” don’t understand wind and this is why they have a love hate relationship with Tim Wakefield. They don’t understand that it’s not him, it’s the wind.

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