The Top Facebook Parodies / Comedy Videos etc.

I know I haven’t been writign much about sports ( although I have been really good ranting about them to ym friends), I did want to post some clips I thought were pretty f&^king hilarious. These are the top Facebook comedy videos that I have found over the net. Some are old, some are new. For anyone using Facebook, or becoming increasingly addicted to it to the point that you don’t call your family or leave your dorm room, you will find these videos pretty funny. And sad…

The sad thing is, I would not be surprised how many people have these conversations on Facebook. ( 8 of 10)

Stand-up Comedy Joke, Putting Your Cat on Facebook. ( 8 of 10, could be a 10 if longer )

Comedy skit on how Facebook would work in real life. (9 of 10)

Facebook Song parodying Enrique Iglesias’ Hero. ( 7 of 10)

Facebook Off. Skit about someone taking over someone’s identity. Face-off movie parody.( 10 of 10)

Facebook parody with Old people acting crazy on Facebook.  (8 of 10)

Facebook Ganagsta. Greatest Facebook Song Pardoy (10 of 10).

He has other great Facebook skits, but I won’t put them all here. You can find them on his Youtube page.

Facebook News Feed Skit. ( 7.7 of 10)

Skit about the reaction to a Facebook rejection. ( 6 of 10)

Facebook Commercial with the EHarmony spin. (10 of 10)

Facebook Parody, using the Mac vs. PC, but Facebook vs. Myspace ( 8 of 10)

Facebook Parody using the Mac Iphone commercial. ( 8 of 10 )

I omitted the Facebook songs floating around. But enjoy:)


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