Random Talk: I Got the Red Sox Trivia Question Today

For most of you not privy to the Red Sox telecast on the NESN sports station, they usually have a quiz in the 3rd-4th inning about baseball. It is usually related to the teams and/or players and/or current events related or playing in the game.
I am at a good 20% clip in answering the questions. I am very young, and honestly, haven’t done my homework for any sports history before the 70’s ( and my knowledge of the 80’s can be just as poor; I need to catch up ). Yet questions that come up to recent players and sports knowledge I can usually knock them down with no sweat. I was really psyched about this question because although I wasn’t sure about the answer, I usually have enough knowledge to narrow it down, or at least give an argument on my answer.

The question asked was who was the only player in MLB history to play 1,000 games in the field AND as a DH. My first three off the top of my head was Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines, and Eddie Murray. I kept away from Edgar since I never seen the guy ever play in the field, but I assumed maybe his first few years were out in the infield somewhere. At the same time, I watched him when he was around 30, and he was a DH. I counted him out since I doubt he would lose a fielding position so early in his life.

Well, the answer came down to Baines and Murray, and Harold Baines was the answer. I essentially didn’t answer the trivia since I had two players in mind, but I’m congratulating myself anyway. What I am hitting myself in the head about is that I thought of Tony Phillips for some odd reason, than thought of Murray with the Indians and Baines with the Orioles. I totally overlooked Harold Baines playing with the White Sox, who is the team the Sox are currently playing. I don’t know how I looped over the connection, but I was pretty fucking close.


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