Vince Young Is Going To Start This Sunday ( Week 8 )? So…

Did anyone think that these stats:

Passing: 55%     TDs:  5      Intos: 8     QB Rating: 62

Vince Young to Start For Titans over Collins this Sunday

Was going to keep Vince Young off the field? Not with the head-scratching season that the Titans have been having. They have no shot, NO SHOT, of making the playoffs, and the season isn’t even half-over. I don’t think the Titans have been in this spot in a long time, so they should give their QB of the future a shot at playing time.

Plus, Vince always had a knack for winning games he had no reason to win. He does have that “Steve Mcnair” magic, where he can go 10 for 30, and somehow find a way to win the game. So I am excited to see Vince Young play this Sunday.

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