Bill Belichick, You Are Still The Man ( But Going for it was Insane )

NFL Bill Belichick 4th down Colts

I am not going to sit here and get mad that Bill Belichick took the 4th down risk. That he burned through his timeouts. That he let Peyton Manning get into his head.

I am going to sit here and say: he finally showed his human side.

He finally let his faults, his mistakes, his emotions, and his instinctive culminate into keeping his offense on the field. Known for being highly meticulous and almost genius with his thought-process, his call represented a guile and maniacal flaw that one can only witness in cinema, or tragic real-life stories.

Al Pacino could not have delivered a better performance. Robert Towne could not have written a better story. Football theater doesn’t have a historical comparison, and the play could not have come at a better time, between better rivals, on a better stage, with better historical implications around legacy, rivalry, and greatness.

Here is my ode to Bill Belichick’s 4th down decision. Bill; I hate that we lost, but this will go down in history, and I am happy that I was able to witness it.


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