Rodney,Lyon Both Decline Arbritration From Tigers. WTF?!?

Does anyone know what these guys were expecting from arbitration? Because from my view of these guys, they are great pitchers, but I am unsure if there is much competition for getting these guys on any MLB rosters.

Rodney’s WHIP is a whopping 1.41. Brandon Lyon has great stuff, but he has been in the league for many years now, and hasn’t shown anyone he can take the reins as a closer. The only teams that would probably need them are not really in any playoff hunt ( unless the Pittsburgh would like to somehow think the Capps-Rodney tandem will start of championship-is-upon-us riot ).

The teams that are in the hunt and could use some bullpen weapons may not offer more to these players than whatever they could get in arbitration.

The Red Sox land Lyon? For what? We’ve already had him. Fernando Rodney to get money as a closer? After just one “successful?” year, who would think of picking him up? He had one blown save, which is pretty amazing, but with the economy in its condition, who is going to take a chance on him?


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