Yanks, Tigers, Diamondbacks In Talks of Huge 3-Way Trade

FoxSports muckrakers Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal are reporting that the Yankees, Tigers, and D’Backs are in the midst of making a huge three-way deal.

The Yanks would receive Curtis Granderson and some prospects. Arizona would get Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. And the Tigers would get flame-throwing sinkerballer Max Scherzer, and Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Michael Dunn from the Yankees.

The trade seems to be pushed hard by the D-Backs, but one of the teams vetoed it, so it seems like the players involved will change around until the Yankees or Tigers find the right mix.

The Yankees still haven’t made up their mind about Damon, but it could be worth it in the short term to have Granderson come through as the primary centerfielder ( have they given up on Brett Gardner & Hotel Melky?). The thing is with Granderson is that he will make $8 million in 2011 and$10 million in 2012. He is an amazing player, and one must wonder if that huge ballpark hinders his ability to focus on hitting line-drives ( his average and OBP is somewhat of a red-flag for this type of player ).

But Granderson is 28 years-old, and if his soggy batting average is a facet of the ballpark he plays in, I am in wonder what havoc he can wreak playing at Yankee Stadium half the year, and Fenway Park for an extra 9.

The Tigers would get Max Scherzer, which to the Diamondbacks I say: “WTF are you doing!?!” in my best Lewis Black impression.

Scherzer has top-of-the-rotation stuff. So does Jackson, but one must wonder how much help he had from the light-hitting AL Central and that massive ballpark. No one knows if Ian Kennedy is going to pan out, but if he gets to where many people think he will be, this could be a steal. Could I emphasize greatly, since he could easily do a Cliff Lee, dazzle until 2012, and they wouldn’t be able to afford him when his service time allows him to jump ship.

It looks more even the more I think about it, but the D-backs should somehow ask for a bat if they are going to put out their 2nd best “stuff” pitcher ( behind Brandon Webb ).

You can view the live update by Rosenthal here on Fox Sports.


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