NBA All-Star Game 2010 Recap: Nash Singing, Shakira, Kobe, Wade

  • 108,713 fans were in attendance at this event. It was the most fans ever to witness a basketball game in history. I don’t know what was first before it. I am guessing it is the Ford Field college basketball game last year, if I am not mistaken? Or maybe during the Olympics.
  • Dwayne Wade wins the All-Star MVP with 28 points, 6 rebounds,11 dishes, and 5 steals. Lebron James was by far the most dominant force on the floor. There is no defense in this game, so its even harder for me to defend this statement; Lebron James cements himself as by far the best player in the game after tonight.
  • If Amare Stoudamire gets traded, it will draw off another young talent that the west sorely is lacking going into the second decade of the 21st century. It showed a lot in this game, as the game play of Gasol, Billips, Duncan, and Nash was very lack-luster and slow. The west is still the best, but other than Kevin Durant, Deron Williams, and ‘Melo, the pool of old men in the pacific don’t bode well for the long-term success of those teams.
  • Caron Butler helps the Mavs, and hurts the argument a little. But the West just looked slower and older than the East.
  • The end of the game was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in years. With 12 seconds left in a tied game, Deron Williams fouls Dwayne Wade putting him at the line. With the East having a two point lead, the West gets to the line on the next possession on a random foul by Dwight Howard on Novitzki, who ties the game back up. The subsequent foul on Chris Bosh was somewhat decent, but that had to be the worst sequence of plays and mistakes you could ever witness.
  • Oh, Shakira. I think she is a little hyped, but there are just those moments where she has enough skin to bring me right back. Alicia Keys as well:
  • I don’t know if anyone can confirm this, but did they have Steve Nash singing Boyz II Men on the big screen in the 4th quarter? I have to find this video.
  • TNT named Kobe Bryant the player of the decade. Kenny Smith disagrees, saying that Shaq had more years of greatness during this decade than Kobe. Have to agree; Kobe has gotten beat by many different players, and the one non-Shaq ring he won was against the Magic. He would need to beat LeBron in the Finals; the Magic were not legit enough a fight, and we all know this.
  • One has to wonder how much the NBA harnesses it’s image to be more diverse. The game is diverse, but the marketing still seems to be built around black people. I am black myself, but you have to wonder how much good they are doing to get some goodwill to the non-black demographic. It isn’t the game, but the entertainment and the commercials that speak to what I am saying.
  • I think in the future, they have to look at how their advertisers are speaking to their audience. I hate when people think the NBA is “too urban” or “too black”; but I do see the error in the NBA’s marketing campaign that may exacerbate it.
  • Kobe didn’t  play. The West is getting a little old, people. He’s 31, but he’s a veteran 31. Have to wonder about the accumulation of these injuries the last 2-3 years.

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