Fantasy Baseball Super Sleeper at Catcher: Jarrod Saltalamacchia!!

If you think about the basics of Salty’s campaign with the Red Sox in 2012, he struggled along with the entire team in their September collapse, going with the .162/.174/.368 line (also known as “Joey Cora Sexy Time” aka “JCST” aka “joke-street” for pronounciation).

He also struggled in April, when he was hoisted as being the heir to Varitek on a team that was destined by most of baseball to win the World Series. The lack of pressure showed in his April stats as he hit zero homeruns with 6 RBIs and a scorching .360 slugging percentage.

The months in between the pressuring April and September collapse showcased his true talent. If we were to ratio the stats between May and August and predict his stats if he had played 120 games:

.259 BA 72RBI 24HR

Looking at the catching arena, you see these statistics (and I admit, much better) statistics in the upper-tier catchers. But if you have needs in the first few rounds of a fantasy draft, why not take a flier on Salty? He is holding down the job as catcher for the Red Sox, he will play 110-130 games. They won’t overplay him so he won’t have that 2nd half catcher’s fatigue like many number #1 in the league. AND, he might still be on the board in the very late rounds in your league ( I drafted him in the 20th round of a 14-team/25-man league. full of Red Sox fans mind you.).

One article has him as a decent alternative to Napoli, but without the stats and the higher position in the lineup. But he’s a great sleeper, and worth a late-pick. Unless you think this is Arencibia’s year. Then, I would be quiet about both and have your cake between the two on draft day!


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