Miami Marlins Stadium: Pitcher-Friendly or Hitter Friendly? Or BOTH???

There has been much talk of the dimensions of Miami Marlins new stadium. The dimensions of the outfield resemble a lot like Petco Stadium in San Diego. The center-field wall is 10 feet deeper in Miami than it is in San Diego.

It has also been known that humidity in Florida has been advantageous for the pitcher for many reasons. It has also been surmised that the jet stream in Miami’s new stadium helps hitters, as with the evidence of a 15-year old recently hitting a homerun during a high school exhibition there. I am not a physicist, but a lot of people play them on their blogs, so here is some information of what people think the influence of the ballpark has on 2012 offenses around the league:

  • Miami Marlins dimensions and bringing up issues with humidity, as well as a great comment on jet-streams and how humidity might affect the ball.
  • On Stanton hitting in stadium (commenter but stats look legit): “Mike Stanton hits most of his homers over 400 feet. Only about 6 of his 34 homers (~17.6%) were less than 400′. Most of his homers were to left field”
  • “I told Boni, Major League Baseball is checking for [performance-enhancing drugs],” joked manager Ozzie Guillen. – After Guillen saw infielder Emilio Bonifacio hit a homerun out in a college-exhibition game vs FIU.
  • When the roof is open but the stadium panels are closed, hitters noticed balls fly out due a jet-stream created from this make-up (roof open, panels closed).

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