Edwin Encarnacion Scouting Report (2012 & Beyond)

Edwin Encarnacion Recent Updates

Edwin Encarnacion Analysis

Edwin is a very gifted hitter, and looking back at 2011, his 2nd half stats showed:

Post All-Star Break
64 Games Played
11 HR
36 RBI
34 walks
38 K’s

.291 avr/.382 obp/.504 slg

The first half was abysmal but he also had been trying to come back from a bad wrist injury. He is capable of a lot of power and rbi’s with his bat; it has been his defense that may have kept his confidence down. Now he is slated to play sparingly in the field and take up the DH spot so in terms of hitting it is all about him. He is very streaky so it is unclear how much he could breakout this season, if at all.

Edwin Encarnacion Links (Outbound Analysis)

March 2012: Poster has a graph showcasing a positive linearity to Edwin’s patience and his 2nd half greatness last year. Showcases he can provide good pop if he works the count at the plate more often.


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