Trumbo vs. Yahoo, Valentine the New Manny, Bud Norris Sleeper… No COMA!!

I haven’t written in a long time; hopefully that will be the last time I will say that. Just lost my old website so back to the blog we go.  My weekly rant will be small today.

WTF Yahoo!?!

Soooo Yahoo projections gives Mark Trumbo a 1-star vs. a flyball lefty in a hitter’s park? Based on last year’s stats? Are you kidding me? Its Matutz or however you spell the post-hyper’s name. This guy is making a comeback, fangraphs has charted his fastball is getting better and back to where it was in 2010, and he might take the next step in 2012.

But Yahoo didn’t mention that in their scouting. This is what I have to say about it, replace Bret with Yahoo:

Valentine Creates Fenway Havoc, Another Manny A GOOD THING?

YES it is!! Bobby Valentine is butting heads with Youkilis, telling the media that something is WRONG with Lester. What the hell ever happened to the point that maybe Lester had a bad outing?

Anyway, you have him being booed constantly by fans, and Pedroia spoke out against Valentine for his remarks on Youkk. No one likes the guy.

And for that matter, these same issues came about with Manny. Manny was a malcontent, he had issues with some players in the clubhouse (and in the dugout *cough* *Youkilis* *cough*) and with management. He couldn’t be controlled up until the point he was traded out of town.

Where Valentine comes as a correlation, and where one thinks it might be a positive correlation intentionally created by Valentine, is he is hyping his players up to hate him based on how he disses their play.

Let’s face it, there are a good amount of Donnas on this team, and what may have been keeping them cohesive and non-brattish was to have a bigger asshole whom everyone can come together and bash. Manny did it, and we only heard of the issues with Manny, but never anyone else. Manny leaves, and all these Donnas start losing their game, and you then hear how they become negative aspects of the team.

Bobby Valentine sees this, and knows they will play hard if they are trying to prove Valentine wrong. And hate the man’s guts at the same time. Let’s hope it works like it did with Manny, and not like it did with Jimy Williams (I’m taking the former).

Bud Norris Fantasy Sleeper… Don’t Believe Me?

Go to MLB.Com and look up some Bud Norris pitching performances in 2011. This guy doesn’t just have electric stuff; this guy can take down the best hitters in the game with no sweat. His K/BB is ridiculous. All he needs to do is avoid big innings (all young players have this issue) and we’re not talking about a #1 ace here.

You watch his stuff. All I’m saying, don’t shoot me when I say this, all I’m saying is that there is some Johan Santana/Pedro Martinez in his stuff. There really is. He gets it together this year, you will be seeing him in the top 40 in next year’s fantasy draft.

I’m warning you early on Buddy, don’t miss out on him. Other than two lousy innings, he might have an ERA or less than 1 right now. Keep an eye on him. Trade for him while his value is LOW and pretty much only mofos like me know about him.

Hell, get MLBTV and watch him pitch. You won’t be disappointed.


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