WTF is Emilio Bonifacio N/A on Yahoo! Fantasy For No Reason!?!


Emilio Bonafacio is a sleeper possibly on a few people’s boards. Bonifacio has played pretty good during the pre-season. He possesses leadoff man and speed skills that they don’t have in other players trying to make the roster. He can play multiple positions for the Cubs, important since guys like Sterling Castro are hurt or not ready (Ott). And there has been no word that his spot was in jeopardy, considering he’s played up to par with guys like Darwin Barney up to this time.

So why does Yahoo do this to his status… yet gives NO INFORMATION!?!

emiliooooo-bonifacio-waiversIs his wife pregnant? Did they send him on waivers, even though they picked him up in hopes of being trade bait? Where is the waiver clearing news? If so, why hasn’t any other team try to pick him up? Detroit is really that short on cash for the vet minimum? Or maybe he’s on the team and Yahoo! made a mistake? Or Theo Epstein is playing some Moneyball mindgame and hopes no one notices.

Whatever the reason is, Yahoo! needs to have this information available so Fantasy leagues can organize their drafts. This isn’t like its freakin’ Edwin Encarnacion and updates on his wrist. Understood if the news isn’t readily available. But you’re talking about a guy who can contribute a good deal of speed stats for a team with amazing value, or not even be on the team by opening day!

Not to do a coach Calhoun, but Yahoo!… Get the facts, and get back to me! Please, Bonny was like my #3 sleeper. I feel like R. Kelly right now.


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