Watching Arthur Chu Lose, And Understanding Life’s Struggles (And the Bruins)

Arthur Chu losing in Jeopardy, for some reason at 345AM, was something I had to watch before bed. His opponents got breaks on categories they were familiar with. He ignored his game-plan by wagering too much when he had a lead. He lost his composure as the game winded down. He underestimated his opponents’ ability to gain money quickly and let the clock run out. He underestimated his opponents to mimic his own game, which when he abandoned cost him his match.

This was a metaphor for competition you see in daily life. I learned nothing other than knowing watching Jeopardy is awesome! But it reinforced lessons I’ve learned in life on how to become better. You always have to prepare. If you have a winning plan, you have to stick to it. Take the big risks, but only if you have to. Don’t stray away from your game-plan. Don’t lose hope when the deadline pops up.

Saw this with the Bruins as well. But I have a totally different reason on why they lost, although it was similar.


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