I Wonder if Jay Cutler ( a Small Defense)

Was overpaid in his $54 million guarantee, but was the QB to lead the, had the coach that gave him a great offensive system, and had a defense around that seemed healthy in August of 2013.

One month after Star Date 09.01.BHO6 (I dare you to think what that means), injuries to the defense collapsed this team, and the franchise’s trust in Marc Tressman.

He fucked up. Management fucked up. You know you’re gonna get 3-4 injuries to key starters over the season? Where was the depth? Where was the plug? You had NO REPLACEMENT for Tillman?? You already lost a great (but slow) linebacker to retirement. Did you think his bumbly frame wouldn’t stand up to the passing offenses of today, because you, Marc Tressman, assumed the league wouldn’t stand up against yours??

That is what put down Tressman. I’m sorry, it wasn’t Cutler. You had a player pretty much cultivate 20 pts per game even when he throws 3 picks in a quarter. Did he get much over that or somehow made horrible mistakes and help his team lose?? Of Course!!

But when your defense can give up 30 points in 3-4 games IN A ROW!! In a FUCKING ROW!! How is the QB prepared to come out for a drive, knowing that he can make 3 great plays, but if he doesn’t score not one but TWO TDs in the next 10 minutes his team is finished??

There are rookies on wayward teams that aren’t given that type of assignment. At least most of the shit teams are competitive enough not to get blown out in 3 straight games. To see opponents score 14 times while your team scores 5 is debilitating. Over 3 games, the offense denatured just under the sheer insane responsibility that was placed against them, sometimes even with 7 minutes left in the 1st half!

They essentially had to play a game where they already were down 14 to start the game, and had to score at least 10 in the first quarter to prevent mass drowning. You have to big WR who can catch in triple-coverage, and you need to get to 32 points JUST TO BE SAFE?!? What do you do if you are Jay Cutler??

He gets a pass/incomplete this season. He could’ve been much better, but I can’t say he EASILY OR SHOULD’VE been much better because the pressure for him to score, even with  a really good offense, was immense. And half his stats have probably accumulated while trailing by 3TDs. What play schemes do you develop for a drive like that? OK, lets come back from 21, how about an inside hitch, fake off and deliver to Jeffrey on post?

Down by 14. What next? The opponent is prepared. Pick-6 next offensive play. Because there IS NO PLAN coaches have when teams are down by 20 and can’t even hold it to that number. There just isn’t.

And Tressman has to go because of it. He pretty much tried to Chip Kelly his defense and it didn’t pay off. It would’ve been decent if it weren’t for injuries, but for a team not to have depth for rebuilding in its second year, with 2 defensive studs leaving, is a travesty. Moreso because the Bears had a prolific offense that was pretty scary.

But the depth was nonexistent. Specials teams was rot. If Jay Cutler was with the Raiders, we’d be talking about a shitty Raiders team. But at least they’d be 6-8 with a vet QB to lead the team next year. Now Cutler, who still seems to do bs stuff at QB but might’ve been better if he had leads, looks like the package of scapegoats for this team for next year.

And I hope he proves them wrong next year. Because there will be a next year. And Cutler will start because he is owed too much money. But, at least he will have something around him. Or maybe he won’t. But if he sucks next year he’s not starting in the NFL again.

He knows this. That’s why Tressman’s out.  But a defense needs to get built ASAP. Cutler’s money is worth nothing if you don’t give him a chance to win. I think he isn’t that great, but 2014 wasn’t even close to a test more than it was destiny. For Cutler to be hated, once again. But I want a real reason to dislike him. Almost feel bad what Tressman gave him this Xmas. A coal for defense; and a mistletoe and a wish for some coach to make him an Alpha.


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