About RedSoxManiac

This blog is a representation of my thoughts on sports, culture, and serious issues. Although there are millions upon millions of bloggers everyday, I don’t think there are many that can stand up to my analysis and interpretations about sports and current event issues. This might make me come off as a complete arrogant asshole, but I am not writing because I am nice.

I am not a great writer. I am pretty mediocre, and constantly edit posts that I have written under stress, in complete rage, engulfed in sweet booze, or hazed with heavy drugs. These experiences do not a good writer make. At the same time, a lot of my ideas come from these physical states; I do not expect to blow anyone away with prose, but if you know your sports, you will leave my website with a lot more knowledge than you came in.

Or you will leave my website thinking I’m insane, incoherent, haughty, over-judgmental, maniacal, looney, absurd, and/or full of unmitigated poppycock ( Francis Wheen is the man! ). Either way, I did my work, and made your life less boring. Welcome to the site that will blow your mind.

I am a die-hard four sport fan. All my favorite teams are from Boston, and I am not the yea-dude stereotype that you see in the movies or around Allston-Brighton. If you knew me in person, you would not consider my disposition as Boston-heavy as my Haaavaaad Yaaad brethren ( even though the stereotype is misleading; a lot of Bostonians aren’t made to fit in movies like the Departed or Southie, and the ones that may fit your pre-conceived notion, probably still would blow you away with sports knowledge that would make Jim Rome lose track of his asshole existence.).

I have used the word “I” about 40 times, and was told in my high school English class to try not to use the 1st person too often, even when talking about yourself. If you want to know more about Yo ( that’s spanish for ” Me Sexy, If you Beautiful Women with Sense of Humor, Call Me!), email me at info@sustainablefocus.org.

I am looking for other people if they are interested in writing. I have a high pedestal for what knowledge you can bring to the table. So if you think you are good enough, let me know, and I’ll put you on.


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