Kim Kardashian Hit With Bag of Flour (Best Angle Video on the ‘Net)

Kim Kardashian was recently at a showing (I think, I don’t know) and a mad women comes out of nowhere and douses Kardashian with flour!

There are video showing some blips and aftermath but this video (which may belong to someone else and may be taken down) clearly shows what went down. Hilarious!



Lindsay Lohan In Jail For 90 Days, Pays Trib to T.I., Lil Wayne

A joke, I kid. But it almost seems fashionable that these superstars are trying to make a name for themselves taking the sheriff’s bus. But as you can see by Lindsay’s crying, I am pretty sure she was expecting to host an NFL week 1 party this fall.

From the Wham: Lindsay Lohan Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan has to go to jail on July 20th, and burst  into tears after her judge handed the child-star-turned-socialite the news.

The 24-year old Lohan has to spend 90 days in the slammer, plus 90 days in a substance abuse rehabilitation program, said Judge Marsha Revel.

Even before being told of her fate, Ms. Lohan had mentioned to the judge of her remorse for her actions.

“I am not taking this as a joke. This is my life.”

A source close to Lindsay had this to say about Lohan during the court ruling:

“Lindsay went into court ready to take responsibility for her actions, but she was not expecting to serve jail time at the end of it. She really did take everything seriously, and is just freaking out right now. It’s just really, really harsh.”

Maybe this will clean her up, and shape her life up to be better. She should be glad she is taking the traditional punishment of jail-time and not the pity-party you get after going bald and attacking paparazzi. Lohan still has a career to salvage after she gets out.