Edwin Encarnacion Scouting Report (2012 & Beyond)

Edwin Encarnacion Recent Updates

Edwin Encarnacion Analysis

Edwin is a very gifted hitter, and looking back at 2011, his 2nd half stats showed:

Post All-Star Break
64 Games Played
11 HR
36 RBI
34 walks
38 K’s

.291 avr/.382 obp/.504 slg

The first half was abysmal but he also had been trying to come back from a bad wrist injury. He is capable of a lot of power and rbi’s with his bat; it has been his defense that may have kept his confidence down. Now he is slated to play sparingly in the field and take up the DH spot so in terms of hitting it is all about him. He is very streaky so it is unclear how much he could breakout this season, if at all.

Edwin Encarnacion Links (Outbound Analysis)

March 2012: Poster has a graph showcasing a positive linearity to Edwin’s patience and his 2nd half greatness last year. Showcases he can provide good pop if he works the count at the plate more often.


Michael Young (Scouting Report 2012 & Beyond)

Michael Young Analysis

Young is forever young. But he is 35 years-old when 2012 Opening Day begins. People have been snagging him in fantasy in the 4th-6th rounds but some people say that drafting him is too high if you expect a repeat from his performance last year. His babip was 30 points higher last year, which was a career best. It is highly unlikely he will reach that point, and will probably come back down to a .300 average this year.

That average will also equalize to less runs and less RBI’s, so look for him to be in the 10 hr, 90rbi, 90 runs line for this year. He is healthier this year than last year, so maybe his power and swing can improve. A .338 BA is hard to replicate in this league, for any hitter.

David Wright Scouting Report (2012 & Beyond)

David Wright Recent Updates

March 27th 2012

Since holding back in Spring Traning due to an abdominal tear, David Wright has slowly come back and looked good the past few games.

David Wright Analysis

From my perspective, it usually takes a lot of time for people to come back from lower-back injuries, and less they are young and have had a good health track record, these type of injuries are recurring or susceptible for a player their entire career. Wright seems to be the mold of oft-injured, and now with his oblique tear he doesn’t seem to have 2012 as a comeback season in his resume.

In an article during March 2012 of Spring Training DJ Short of Rotoworld had this to say:

“Perhaps we should give Wright somewhat of a pass for last year, but I’m still a bit concerned about a guy who is playing through a tear in his abdominal muscle when others (Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Markakis) eventually opted for surgery. His combination of speed and power is still valuable — and the fences moving in at Citi Field should help his cause — but I currently have him behind Jose Bautista, Evan Longoria, Adrian Beltre and Zimmerman in my personal rankings at third base.”

Miami Marlins Stadium: Pitcher-Friendly or Hitter Friendly? Or BOTH???

There has been much talk of the dimensions of Miami Marlins new stadium. The dimensions of the outfield resemble a lot like Petco Stadium in San Diego. The center-field wall is 10 feet deeper in Miami than it is in San Diego.

It has also been known that humidity in Florida has been advantageous for the pitcher for many reasons. It has also been surmised that the jet stream in Miami’s new stadium helps hitters, as with the evidence of a 15-year old recently hitting a homerun during a high school exhibition there. I am not a physicist, but a lot of people play them on their blogs, so here is some information of what people think the influence of the ballpark has on 2012 offenses around the league:

  • Miami Marlins dimensions and bringing up issues with humidity, as well as a great comment on jet-streams and how humidity might affect the ball.
  • On Stanton hitting in stadium (commenter but stats look legit): “Mike Stanton hits most of his homers over 400 feet. Only about 6 of his 34 homers (~17.6%) were less than 400′. Most of his homers were to left field”
  • “I told Boni, Major League Baseball is checking for [performance-enhancing drugs],” joked manager Ozzie Guillen. – After Guillen saw infielder Emilio Bonifacio hit a homerun out in a college-exhibition game vs FIU.
  • When the roof is open but the stadium panels are closed, hitters noticed balls fly out due a jet-stream created from this make-up (roof open, panels closed).

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Scouting Report (2012 & Beyond)

Saltalamacchia Recent Updates

Saltalamacchia Analysis

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going to be a great hitter in 2012. He has had one year where management protected him by giving him playing time and trusting his growth. He had Varitek as a mentor for one full year. He has had many upgrades to his batting style and mechanics. And now he has a mostly full spring training without the pressure of becoming the main catcher for the Red Sox staff.

What makes last year such a good year, and what last year might showcase for this year, is that he had been a good hitter at the bottom of the lineup where the offense was extremely erratic. You had JD Drew who missed a great deal of time, and was pretty useless providing offense when playing. You had Carl Crawford who struggled through the entire season. You had Marco Scutaro who didn’t heat up until late in the season. And you had the left-fielder by committee that put very few people on base for Salty to drive in.

Salty himself was very erratic, but had very little protection for his bat as many pitchers pitched around him. He didn’t help his cause either by chasing bad pitches. Now with Cody Ross, Mike Aviles, and a healthy(er) Crawford in the bottom of the lineup, it solidifies offense that will not only protect Saltalamacchia, but allow him to produce regularly, and get better balls to put in play.

Having runners-on-base consistently will give him consistency that he didn’t have last year. This consistency will allow him to grow, to gain confidence in his bat, and become a huge force at catcher for years to come.

2012 is the year of the Salt. You heard it here first.

Jose Iglesias Scouting Report (2012 & Beyond)

Jose Iglesias Recent Updates

March 27th 2012

Jose Iglesias has been optioned to AAA-Pawtucket by the Red Sox. Iglesias and veteran infielder Mike Aviles has been battling for the shortstop spot during Spring Training.

It has been mentioned that management wanted to have Aviles play over Iglesias, but that Bobby Valentine wanted to sacrifice the bat and have great defense with Iglesias starting instead. Management won out, possibly because the need to get at-bats for the 22-year old phenom so his bat can be better for 2013. Remember, he has had only 1 homerun in his 3-year minor league career.