Michael Young (Scouting Report 2012 & Beyond)

Michael Young Analysis

Young is forever young. But he is 35 years-old when 2012 Opening Day begins. People have been snagging him in fantasy in the 4th-6th rounds but some people say that drafting him is too high if you expect a repeat from his performance last year. His babip was 30 points higher last year, which was a career best. It is highly unlikely he will reach that point, and will probably come back down to a .300 average this year.

That average will also equalize to less runs and less RBI’s, so look for him to be in the 10 hr, 90rbi, 90 runs line for this year. He is healthier this year than last year, so maybe his power and swing can improve. A .338 BA is hard to replicate in this league, for any hitter.