Lorenzo Cain (Scouting Report 2012 & Beyond)

Recent Updates

March 27th 2012

Lorenzo Cain has been lighting it up this Spring with a great line of .486/.537/.1000 with four homeruns. Take it with a grain of salt since PCL park is very hitter friendly, and his future home with the Royals is opposite that. The KC lineup is more stable than in recent memory so he will get better pitch selection as players like Hosmer, Moustakas, and Gordon will be raking around him.

March 26th, 2012

Lorenzo Cain will get the nod to bat 2nd in the Kansas CIty Royals order for 2012, according to sources. He will bat between Alex Gordon (which is still a mystery why that much pop is hanging on top of the order) and Eric Hosmer (fantasy-heads, pull up your pants!).

With Cain as a right-handed bat between the two, he should see opportunities to hit with RISP + get some runs and protection from behind. Stat increase and fantasy value for this guy is very likely.

March 24th

One forum question asked if it was better to take Brandon Belt vs Cain, and many suggested Cain since he has solidified his starting position in KC. Belt has been tearing up in the Spring, but he also was doing that last year and didn’t fare that well in the majors before getting injured.


Lorenzo Cain minor league stats

Lorenzo Cain Analysis

Some analysis from 2010 on Lorenzo Cain when in the minors:

“Lorenzo Cain has tremendous tools, and at times he flashes good skills to go with them. I was somewhat optimistic about his chances to develop entering 2009, but his season was a disaster, due to an April knee injury. He returned to the field in late June, and I got to see a couple of his rehab outings for Wisconsin. He didn’t look right; he was either still in pain, or playing like he was afraid of the pain returning. His swing was fouled up, and he wasn’t running with his normal speed. The knee got better by the end of the year, and Cain looked more like his normal self in the Arizona Fall League, hitting .242/.375/.303. . .still not very good, but his swing looked better and at least he was controlling the strike zone again. When healthy, Cain is very fast, has surprising power, will draw an occasional walk, and presents as an excellent defensive outfielder. He needs 400 at-bats in Triple-A to refine his swing. As you can see from the list above, Cain’s grade has been yo-yoing between B- and C+ for four years. It’s back down to Grade C+ again, which still assumes some optimism about his offensive development.”

The above scouting is also based on his build in 2009, whereas since then he has put on a good deal of weight (165 back then to 200 lbs currently as of March 2012).

Looking at some of his minors stats, he seems to strikeout a lot for someone who isn’t putting up great power numbers. He looks to have all the tools as an all-around guy, and as long as Gordon is consistent in front of him and Hosmer is dangerous behind him, he might be able to have comfort in growing well in this lineup.