If You Post Stupid Comments, I Will Burn Them At The Stake!


I was looking over a couple of comments that came up from my Manny-Youkilis fight post, and there is one comment that makes no sense. Read it:


None of this makes any sense. None of it. I read it back and forth, and not only does it not make sense, but it is getting mad at my post and my opinions. 1st off, if he/she reads the post, my only vocalization was my surprise that these players would be involved in fighting. 2nd, don’t post up as a Red Sox fan if you have no clue what is going on. No one has ever been mad at Youkilis in his entire career, so I don’t know where this hate remark comes from. And 3rd, if you are stupid, don’t comment on my site.

I won’t disapprove them; if anything, I use these examples only to demonstrate that there are a lot of stupid people who don’t know how to analyze sports. I am not saying this from an elitist perspective; if anything, I hold true to form the idea that most people are inherently smart, but some forget to use it.

I know I am just ranting, but when this guy clicked “post a comment”, did he feel good about himself? Did he write this thinking that he was creating a strong rebuttal against my blog post? Did he put any thought into what he wrote? Is this guy mad! Is this guy re-TAADED?

I’m angry because I rarely get any comments on my site, and I don’t even get the ones where people just plain hate my guts. I get comments like this where it is incoherent babble that has nothing to do with anything I’ve said. And he calls himself a Red Sox fan. I see these comments on all types of sites, and it scares me because people have time to write coherently when they are typing. This wasn’t like a racial slur, or a passing spam bot. This was some raving lunatic who didn’t make sense. He didn’t add to the conversation. And I am angry that I am even typing this to make light of this person’s stupidity.

Hey buddy! If you see this next time you come to my site, remember to tell your mom she made a mistake when she let a stupid loser like you into the world. If you want to do a world a favor, don’t comment on any site. Ever. You are a moron, and have only dedicated yourself to adding your existence to the already high membership of anonymous knuckleheads that exists on the web, and the around this beautiful world.

I apologize for the rant. But don’t be stupid if you come to my site. If you are stupid, then leave. This site isn’t for the ordinary fan. WEEI and FOXSports love stupid fans; go to them if you want to make nonsense and have someone listen.


The Celtics Win at Home Again… Can They Win the Championship Losing All Their Road Games?

If they do some bullshit like that, I will be insanely disappointed. They would be the worst team to ever win a championship. It would be somewhat funny, but it would be boring and I wouldn’t find any pride in them if they pull some shananigans like that.

I am a die-hard fan, but it isn’t like they are losing these road games playing their best. They play clutch at home; they play like fucking Jim Leyritz poured some Yankee magic into their boxers. On the road, they look like the ghost of Nick Anderson comes swooping in every 2nd half.

The scary part is if you have been watching the C’s all season, you have (barely) come to grips with their lapses. They would happen at home, they would happen on the road. They would happen on O, they would happen on D ( Joe Johnson!). They happen with green eggs and ham! But in the playoffs, they have been happening with Sam! He looks so bad I think he ate the green eggs with ham! And with Jesus Shutttlesworth!

Allen is probably the biggest reason for our road woes. These teams are playing zones and double-teaming anyone who comes off the screen off the block pass the three point line.  This creates a huge traffic jam, and the squeeze can be fixed with a quick 24-footer by Allen. But the fucker has missed so many shots, his offense ( which isn’t needed in points more than it is needed to break the zone and keep defenders honest ) his sorely missing.

They usually set him up with a screen, where he can option it to the screener ( Garnett, sometimes Pierce ) or find Rondo who can slash through towards the hoop if he has a step on his defender. The teams have been breaking this up with the double-team blitzing off the screen and/or pick & roll ( this is being done a lot in the playoffs this year, I hope this isn’t the new equivalent to the Hockey zone trap defense.) This keeps Allen honest from getting a set shot, but he has to regain that playmaker role and go after some of these defenders. It sucks because he hasn’t had to do that all season, and it will be a total makeover for the Celts game plan. But to have him as non-factor is scary, and will only invite more chaos into the Celtics offense that has been shown to lose its goddamn mind when away from Beantown.
They can win all of their games at home, but is this what is needed to happen for them to win a championship? For a team that went 31-10 in the regular season on the road, I hope that isn’t what the fans are expecting, and I hope that isn’t in the players’ psyche either. If it is, and base on their current playing style, I hope your psyche can also stomach watching another team hoist up the Finals trophy in June.

Quote Of The Day! TomRossetti Gotta Something To Setti About Casselli!

Going through this week Hollinger Ranking’s ( Celtics are #2, hells yes!), We have this great insight from this great sports guru beautifully screenamed TomRossetti ( I will separate the names and place it as Tom Rossetti here just in case he looks up his name on Google and found someone has written about him!). Here it is:

“Cassell is just a glorified Eddie House…”

Are you fucking kidding me? Has this guy been watching the playoffs the last 10 years. Rockets? Bucks? Clippers? Has he seen what Cassell has done most of his career? Granted, this guy is very old. His knees are not going to help his defense much, and he is efficient for probably no more than 20 minutes a game. But an OVERRATED EDDIE HOUSE?! WTF is this guy talking about?

Sam Cassell has quarterbacked so many decent offenses and players in his time. Big centers, horrible centers, crazy Clipper shooting guards, Mario Elie! How the fuck is someone going to boast that a point guard with his experience, his resiliency on both ends of the court, and his majestic clutch-ness in the playoffs, is not only correlative to, but fucking an overrated version of a haphazard hybrid guard in Eddie House?

So is this equation in this guy’s mind something like:

Sam Cassell = Eddie House


Sam Cassell > Eddie House, but not really?

Or my favorite interpretation of this nonsense:

Sam Cassell < Eddie House, even though he has a decent chance to go to the Hall of Fame ( yes, when you win a championship with Mario Elie, you get a good shot).

Speaking of House, this guy is a horrible point guard, and his abilities are more standard of a shooting guard if anything. Have you seen how long it takes to set up an offense when he is in the game? I can make a sandwich and microwave some Jasmine Tea before House sets up a play down the court! He is NOT A TRUE POINT GUARD! Period.

Speaking of which, the Celtics aren’t trying to replace Rondo. Like with most decent point guards, when they are decent at both ends of the court, you need to have some backup guard to give them at least 10-15 on the bench per game. Rondo is great, but he has to constantly play at such a high level for so many minutes that it will hurt his game in the playoffs. It showed heavily in the Denver game when he fouled out trying to guard Iverson.

We need Cassell because we need that second unit guard who can come in and give Rondo a breather, charge up the 2nd unit, and keep the offense from slopping because Eddie House can’t fucking run it! Our offense with him has been good because he has good shooters to spread the floor when he is on the court ( Posey & Ray-ray, with T. Allen slashing if the zone creeps up toward the top of the key). And Eddie house shouldn’t be dishing the ball, the ball needs to be dished to him and that sweet-ass jumper he has! A decent amount of lapses can be attributed to the fact that when Rondo isn’t there, we have no one to run the offense. It hasn’t hurt us too badly yet, but he is going into the playoffs with Billups & Hamilton waiting for him.

If anything, against those two in the Eastern Conference finals ( if we make it), I will take my chances with Cassell.

Jeremy Green is an Ass. I Needed to Get That Off My Chest!

Ok, my rant has to do with ESPN’s Inside Football Guru Jeremy Green. As any normal sports fan does on a daily basis and browse ESPN for eight hours and facebook for three, you may have stumbled upon his free article ( yes, you have to pay to read his shit), that had stated:

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

I wrote these words big because that is how I remembered them. And it wasn’t even his prediction, but how awful the article was in his reasoning. Respect? Patriots defense is overrated? Hell, I can rant and pull off a better article while holding a sleeping infant. The article would have mispellings since I couldn’t put the baby down. My mind would be too busy hoping he wouldn’t wake up. I would be under intense baby-sleeping pressure and would still write a half-ass article 10 times better than this fuck.

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

Read that. I know this is weeks ahead, but read it. He was so sure that the Jaguars with a newbie QB (Belichick’s favorite NFL playoff entree), with a defense that is decent but has not had the pleasure of facing 4 top-notch receiver that hold their own place in different parts of the field, against a team whose defense doesn’t allow plays in the red zone. period (sorry 4-yard run game!).

My analysis above was a poor excuse for good sports writing, and it is better than whatever garbage Jeremy Green puts out. He has another one about he wrote how the Jaguars “Having the right pieces” to win against the Pats. This is your title, my friend:

I said it before, I’ll say it again — Jags will beat Pats

That watered down bullshit article you placed after the loss only exemplifies you pass off the Jags as playing a bad game that they could’ve won. You overlook the fact that the Jaguars were so physical that they held Brady pretty much to passing up front ( only 2 plays went over 30 yards; one to Stallworth and other to Maroney,  most coming after the catch.) . Their defense actually played a good game and held Brady from completing the dangerous long passes that have killed dozens of teams this year. And our defense held your great run game to 3.6 yards per carry and 80 yards total. I call that an abysmal game for a team that has three good runners in the backfield and NEEDS to push its running game forward to bruise their opponents and get Garrard some passing lane room.

ESPN needs to hire me, because I know what I am talking about when it comes to sports. Your cornerback article was good, don’t get me wrong, but ESPN needs to change its Inside content; I’m not paying for articles that explain nothing remotely close to prediction and game analysis. If this guy is an Inside writer, than who the fuck is paying to read that bullshit?

My Youtube Post: Joba Throws at Youkilis ( Full Video)

UPDATE : MLB Advanced Media took down my video. You have probably noticed there is no baseball ( none ) on Youtube, and MLB is doing its best to vault its media and share it only with other corporate media outlets.

I find it sad because there is a lot of baseball that would be great to watch that I know MLB wouldn’t make a dime off of ( like great plays from Darren Bragg ).

I will talk about this issue in a later post.


This is why a an ALL-IN-Wonder card is ill. I knew something was going to happen in this game:

Clip was taken off Youtube, sorry guys. MLB Advanced Media are greedy whores and kick people off youtube for posting game spots.

This is a great wake-up call to the Sox. I love them and all, but they now have to realize that:

  • Their offense SUX without Manny (against good teams), period.
  • The Yankees are dickheads, but they were and are in it to destroy them. If they don’t get that 2004 mentality back, they are done in the 1st round, regardless of the team.
  • Ortiz isn’t as good without Manny around, and cannot beat any team alone if he was.
  • A rookie currently had more heart in this rivalry than the Sox did. I still don’t like what Joba did, but he did something, and if that was to prove a point, the Red SOx better do something QUICK or they will find a rookie make them look like pussies in 1st.


I am relieved that the “Nation” is finally exposed to the fact that Manny Ramirez has ALSO had some injury set”backs” (there’s the pun). It has been said it first started when he was in the field against Tampa Bay, but I question if it had began a little earlier in the summer ( he has been on a pseudo-skid lately). The castigation of Manny will nonetheless continue, but now I am happy and simultaneously scared shitless if Manny doesnt’ play.

Why am I happy? Still seven games...

  • The Red Sox are finally going to have to win without Manny for at least a week. And this is the most important time in his tenure as a ‘Sock that he isn’t around.
  • People will probably see how harder it is to win without this lovable loser in the outfield, and will see how hard it is to beat the Yankees without his bat.
  • Manny gets some time off before the playoffs. Contrary to public opinion,Manny plays a ton of games during the seasons, and always had lingering injuries even in his young days with Cleveland ( remember ’99, played 140+ games and had 165 RBIs? Rediculous!). This guy doesn’t just become lazy, and even has played injured on many occasions ( where he has had a continual hamstring injury his whole career (1999,2001,2002) that has been brushed off).

Why am I sad? oh geez Vick, Why!

  • Without Manny, the offense is going to clearly struggle against good teams, and it will show.
  • Ortiz is now highly vulnerable. Even putting Lowell behind him you risk the opposing pitcher to pitch around one or both of them. I predict either Ortiz and Lowell are going to slump without Manny, and that together will average around 2 walks per game in his absence.
  • JD Drew sucks and these occasions are the reason we paid him $15 million. He is a great drive hitter who can walk and should protect hitters in front of him. But if he continues to struggle ( Don’t come back with “Oh, but he hit a homerun last week”, because he is 5 for his last 32!), this offense will not score more than 4 runs a game. period.

JD Drew is the 5-man, 3-spot backup hitter whose job is to keep the lineup stable in case the big guys get injured. Manny is having an off-season, but he is still going to end up with 100+ RBI (which runs scored is all that matters for the final score, last time I checked the MLB rule book).

Let us hope that Manny comes back healthy and that this doesn’t linger into the postseason. I hate it more than anyone to be a nay-sayer, but the Red Sox will be hard-pressed (to put it lightly) to make the World Series without him. And I don’t have any faith of putting the injury burden on the shoulders of an overpaid fuckface who hasn’t protected Many all season. Lowell has done probably the best job a 6-hitter can accomplish and doubt he is going to be able to do more. All I can say is,

JD Drew, you better get your act straight. Or we are going to fucking lose. Not because of Manny. But because of you.