The Bad Luck of Jenny Dell and The NESN Hot Woman Farm System

So, the Red Sox broadcasting network NESN pulls out Jenny Dell from her sideline reporting due her dating situation with 3B Will Middlebrooks.

She took the news well, as she has stated no ill will toward the move via Twitter:

Which leads me to address one issue which seems odd: Via Boston.Com, it appears that many people in the organization were aware of the relationship long before this reassignment. If there was a precedent or if they considered the relationship a distraction, why did they let it persist?

It wasn’t like the Red Sox weren’t trying to win the East and make a serious playoff run. And it wasn’t like Will Middlebrooks production was good enough to let it slide. The article does however make a point that this “demotion/promotion” comes around the same time Jenny Dell was considering joining the new Fox Sports One team:

While it’s very hard to believe that their relationship was breaking news to NESN management, it certainly appears as though Dell’s status has been affected by either the backlash to that or perhaps her desire to work elsewhere. There was mutual interest between Dell and Fox Sports 1, though that appears to be in a holding pattern.

"You may not touch Middlebrooks... no more! -#DinnerwithSchmucks #Impression

“You may not touch Middlebrooks… no more!
-#DinnerwithSchmucks #Impression

The point is that: if the Red Sox cared, they would’ve done something about this long ago. They had too much at stake that if there was a rule in place of media/player relationships, this would’ve been handled in-house rather than push this demotion out so blatantly. So this move looks more to be a re-organizing in preparation for another Red Sox reporter to head for bigger/national pastures.

The NESN Sideline Reporter Development System

The Red Sox seem to be a broadcast farm system cultivating beautiful women to join up with bigger networks once they brand themselves as the Red Sox hottie that will keep you interested in a 7-2 lead against the Mariners with Dubront on the mound.


It begin with Tina Cervasio reporting for the Sox up until around 2008/2009, when she left for New York after gaining a great reputation with a great voice, succinct interviews, a great smile, and a good amount of reporting analysis when she did her interview rounds with WEEI.

She was married, so there weren’t rumors of her and anyone else but her husband and family, which being close to them was one of the main reasons she left NESN.

Along with Cervasio was the beautiful Hazel Mae. Her demeanor was always conservative a the lead NESN baseball anchor, but her look was too good to be ignored. he had a huge following, to the point you had people posting horrible love songs to her (also, this video is numbered in the 5-digits, meaning its one of the earliest Vimeo videos ever created):

There were rumors about her dating players, even the one rumor that she was having an affair with former skipper Terry Francona. She was probably the first woman in the Red Sox sideline report farm system to have forum topics dedicated to her personal life. Even though it was hard to see her and Cervasio leave, then came #1 pick in the draft…

All Rise for the Great and Majestic Heidi Watney


David Ortiz is Getting Back To His Old Ways

David-Ortiz_redsoxmaniacHe is seeing the ball better. He has better confidence in his harder swings. He isn’t arguing with the umps as much.

He will be good. I expect him to get his 30 homeruns by the end of the year. But, I think the Red Sox and their 5-year ideology on team building has put Ortiz on the top list of players to be replaced.

Ortiz and 3B are the only positions where the Sox could add a great deal of offense, and after Texeira donned the pinstripes, the free agent waters for a big bat don’t look to good when 2009 is over ( Adrian Beltre, anyone? Anyone? )

Adrian Beltre would probably be a a great fit for the Sox if the front office is confident his shoulder can be fixed by next season. He is an amazing hitter whose line-drive power doesn’t get a lot of love in Safeco Canyon Where Homeruns Go Extinct field.

Going back to the matter at hand, I think Ortiz would do a lot better if he bunted his way on. He did this a few years back to shake up the opposing manager’s decision to put the shift on him.

If he bunts ( even if its just one or two times a month ), he’ll force pressure on the pitcher to think defense right after the throw, he would force the decision to bring the 3rd baseman back to his position to help on bunt defense, and he will effectively force some honesty out of the ridiculous shift.

This would in effect give Ortiz back a lot of batting points lost from those pulled line-drives to right field. Getting more of these hits will force pitchers to stay away from Ortize with off-speed pitches. From this point on, he would probably become a .320 hitter easily, or become an insane walking machine.

As of now, the pitcher doesn’t get hurt as much throwing him inside since his hard hits are either homeruns or outs due to the shift. Making the defense honest will not only make Ortiz’s game better, but it will open up many opportunities to how he is pitched, and how new situations may force opposing ptichers to pitch around him.

If anyone should be telling Ortiz this advice, its Jason Bay. With Oritz constantly getting on base, Jason Bay will have a lucrative meal ticket for the 2nd half 2009, and he could end up redeeming it for a cool $16 million.

Hopefully, he won’t have to make this exchange with a Steinbrenner.

My Letter To Dan Shaughnessy about Manny Ramirez

I don’t even know if I spelled his name right, but I sent him an email about his recent Manny-bashing. Everyone is bashing Ramirez, and he has done nothing that pretty much every player has been doing since free agency. I know its bad timing for all of this, and its not like Theo Epstein wanted him. But here is the email.

This is all of his recent articles. The one I am writing about are the ones before the trade about Manny, and the Manny-mania one.

Note: Digression. Sometimes I think of the Manny-Epstein relationship like a huge party at the nerd’s house, and the nerd constantly tries to get rid of the sexy-but-crazy jock who just blows coke and eats the roommates’ food out of the fridge. Just a random thought.

The Email To Shaughnessy:

Let me just start out by saying that over the past week, I feel as though I have been completely let down by the sports journalism in our town. For a story, although murky in terms of the opaqueness of the Red Sox front office, to be so important and so serious for Boston sports, the main journalists of the area had gone out of their way to portray Manny Ramirez as a bad guy without giving credit to the importance of all the story’s facts.

For one thing, it seems you have gone out of your way to highlight that Ramirez missed two games. What is more egregious is that you failed to list the number of games that Manny Ramirez had missed ( in your article, you just state “games”, giving an impression that Manny missed a whole bunch more than he actually did ). You had wrote an article before the trade bashing Ramirez and all of his antics.

You had used a quote from our State Secretary, as though this guy is a true representation of all Red Sox fans. You had stated that Manny Ramirez “flattened”, not pushed or shoved, but “flattened” the traveling secretary ( and you my friend have written the 15th article about Jack McCormick without mentioning he was a former State Trooper ). You berated him for criticizing management for not being honest with his contract. You had called him missing the 1st game of the Yankees series “despicable”, as though this was the most egregious offense any player can do to the Red Sox.

Throughout most of your stories, it was clear that you left out the obvious connections for the events leading up to his trade: The team’s option, and Scott Boras’s influence. You had failed to separate the incident between Jack McCormick and his incidences with missing games. Although I can see this being a headache on the front office, I would have no trouble separating these issues with the journalistic knowledge that he could be missing games to prove a point to management.

Scott Boras is his agent, and you wrote in the story that clearly the agents makes no money if the option is taken up. Also, on Peter Gammons’ blog, he had talked about how Ramirez was telling his teammates he could receive 4 years/ $100 million this off-season. Are you going to tell me that these antics, along with Boras’s plea that Manny will play better if they let go of the options, are some important pieces to the whole Manny story.

Ok, so we can admit that Manny is money-hungry. But does this make him more of a bad person than players who look for their best interest in the off-season? He did it during a pennant race because Boras and Manny felt that if the options can be dropped at any time, why not before the deadline ( where the Red Sox can say they won’t re-sign him, or he will go to a team that will say the same thing ). At the same time, Ramirez is looking to make $25 million a year ( which I highly doubt he will receive ). You think that a player, who screwed up his financial future with another agent, is going to pass up more money over his teammates?

Bad timing, I agree. But there are no saints when it comes to the business of baseball, and Manny Ramirez shouldn’t be the poster boy of doing what essentially every person on the field and in the front office is doing.

My question is, do you really think Manny would half-ass the rest of the season, and at the same time, tight-rope his statistics and his attitude to reap such a big contract? Wouldn’t you think that the best time to cause a stir would be in July and not in September, when the team is ACTUALLY in the race, and not 60 games away? Do you believe that his actions are somehow more heinous than other players who leave teams for bigger contracts?

It is conceivable that this move can allow Ramirez to make $20-60 million more guaranteed money. Do you think he is going to let that money up over a team that has tried to get rid of him for four years? Do you think he has to respect a front office that has put their best player on waivers? What makes it really scary, is that I don’t believe the Red Sox were going to pick up his contract, seeing that they have tried to get rid of the same yearly amount when he was younger. They knew what Boras wanted, and they held mum because they didn’t want him anymore.

The Red Sox had leverage, and had the right, to not speak about his contract until the off-season. But if there is even a hint that they pick up the option, it screws Manny’s chances of a big contract and Boras’s chances to get any money. By the Red Sox holding firm on an option they weren’t planning to pick up any way, weren’t the Red Sox at fault for calling the bluff when a concession would’ve been better for both sides? The front office is not hired to hold grudges, or run people out of town. Their job is to place the best players on the field. Did they think they made the best trade, by paying for both Ramirez and Jason Bay’s contract, not picking up a reliever, and losing their best hitter in the lineup? I only agree with this trade since I believe Bay was a player Epstein had his eyes on longer than we know, but that is another OBP-Moneyball story for another day.

They traded him, and they got Bay. I have no qualms with that. But I have an issue with the Boston media that has trivialized the Scott Boras influence, and has grossly overlooked the Gordon Edes article that clearly states the Manny camp intentions.

In your article, you ask Boston fans if my blood is boiling, and I will respond with a loud yes. I am saddened that Manny had to depart, but I find the fault not to be equal on both sides, but to be heavily pointed to Theo Epstein. He did not want Ramirez; he never wanted Ramirez. And he got his wish. And we lost a star.

People lose their minds over his antics, and when someone asks, ” But what about our World Series championships?”, the response is usually an ambivalent shrug of “So what?” statements. From there, I can see that Boston fans have become too far-removed and big-headed to understand the contribution of some of their best players.

I can’t expect better from Ramirez, because he brought a championship to a city who had been in a dire drought of hoisting the World Series trophy. To call it even, to ship Manny off, and to equate it with Brett Favre, Nomar Garciaparra, or Roger Clemens, clearly shows how little we truly appreciate what Manny has done for us. The antics do not outweigh what he did. Maybe a couple of missed playoff berths will bring us back to that reality.

WTF!? Manny Ramirez Goes After Youkilis in The Dugout During Game! (Not to mention the Sox-Rays Fisticuffs)

Manny Picked Sox to beat Angels in 09′. Read here

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Manny Youkilis fight

This Type of Nonsense; I Cannot Explain…

This game is already intense. A fight has already broke out between James Shields and Coco Crisp after shields hit him with a 91mph fastball to Coco’s legs. This has been brewing for the last 24 hours and I wasn’t surprised that this happened ( in the 2nd inning which is a lil’ quick).

Coco stayed calm for a second after getting hit, and suddenly he used his amazing speed to beat the catcher Dave Navarro to the mound. When he approaches the mound full-speed to reach Shields, the pitcher throws a hurling right punch, and Coco swiftly ducks away from it ( like a boxer; his father was a boxer as said in his bio.), and lands a decent shot to the side of James Shield’s head.

Video of the Fight

These fights do not last long, and this one follows the same time structure as the catcher and other Rays’ players surround Crisp and take him down. There were a lot of sneak punches pulled by Carl Crawford and others while he was on the ground, but the only ejections ( that I noticed ) was Shields and Crisp after the fight concluded.

There will be suspensions, and multiple replays of the incident for all of you to see.

What DID surprise me is not only Manny’s game ( currently he has drove in five runs ), but after the inning where he drove in runs with the bases loaded, the camera cues in on Manny behind restrained by four players from Kevin Youkilis.

There is no audio, and it is hard to decipher what the hell is going on, but I had to write this because it is rare to see Manny show ANY emotion. Ever. He has been ridiculed by his teammates before, and has shrugged it off with total Manny-being-Manny nonchalance. He has been thrown at constantly by opposing pitchers, and have had horrible pitches get called strikes, only to see him walk away with a demeanor as calm as Corona 16-ounce facing the a beach sunset.

The fire and intensity he showed toward Youkilis had to have been something incredible, because Ramirez hasn’t showed this type of ire since running after Clemens in the 2003 ALCS.

This is strange. And Youkilis is another player I could rarely see voicing anything against his players, no less the best hitter on the squad. Maybe the post-game conference will shed some light on this situation. These things are always in-house with the Sox; I doubt we will get any information to make sense of Manny going insane.

Just weird. I have never seen Manny go after another player. During a game with a huge fight, the Red Sox comfortably winning, and Manny hitting better than he has been doing all year, the timing for this altercation between two great players is strange. Hopefully, not an ominous sign of any other trouble that could come down the road.


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Foamy Beer Tribute: Damon Woo, Catching a Historic Ball, And Giving it Back.

Damon Woo, Guy who caught Manny's 500th

Sometimes you these selfless moments in the game. A guy hits a homerun for the opposing team, and a 10-year old, just indoctrinated into the system of hated rivalry, will launch maybe the only ball he’ll ever catch, right back onto the field. The rivalry, the anger of seeing another team one up your own, your fandom, and your love for your home team, transcends any logical decision of keeping the souvenir and showing your friends the next day ( Also, some fans in Chicago and Boston won’t give you a good response if you hold an opposing team’s homerun ball for long, but hey, we can leave tha out of the story:).


This story of how a fan caught Manny Ramirez’s 500th homerun, goes against the norm of the so-called “fans” of the game, the ones who have so much concern for the game, the players, and their enthusiasm that they demonstrate this love by selling their new-found treasure for huge sums of money. A pile of cash and a lucky seat, and he’s considered a fan. 

The story of how Damon Woo, a Sox fan who is a New York native, goes along the lines of a compelling tale of how he went with his brother to Camden Yards with an insight that he will “catch Manny’s 500th homerun tonight.

The compelling tale reaches its climax when Manny hits the first pitch off of Chad Bradford, and everyone watches it fly in the right-center field seats. On closer look, and on Woo’s account, he tries to get an advantage to catch the ball as it heads towards him, and it hits him right in the neck.

No insult to the pain, he is able enclose the ball after the body hit and place it into his hands.

Most stories you will see end with people running leaps and bounds to the nearest auction agency, dribbling drool from their bottom lip as they trade off their love of the game for their love of the green. They talk about how they are fans of the game, but rarely do they make any comments about the history that they are a part of, or at least give examples of their dedication to the sport ( at least have a story of how you babysat Dwight Gooden’s kids or something/)

But this story ends with Damon and his older brother meeting up with Manny Ramirez in the clubhouse after ( or during since Manny was taken out of the game? MLB marketing whores!), and giving him the ball, without asking for anything in return. Nothing. Not a dime, not even a bat ( although it is understood someone who has the ball is going to get something regardless.

” It’s his accomplishment, It’s his achievement, it’s his ball. It is the right thing to do,” Said the 40-year old Woo.

Where would you get a quote like this from the guy who caught Sammy Sosa’s legendary balls? Or Mark Mcgiwre’s? Or Barry Bonds ( although he is a prick; I wish someone caught his homerun ball and sold it just based on the fact he’s a complete asshole. Thank god he doesn’t play anymore. Insane eye though; I’ll miss that)?

What put the cherry on top of this story, is the fact that Manny is going to auction off the ball to charity. Not to himself. He hit the ball and would rather it go to help others. Manny-being-f&%king-Manny. Way to go. An accomplishment he may not match ( although he is counting on hitting 600+), but nonetheless it shows a bit of selflessness for such a feat.

Damon Woo did get some stuff and some perks for bringing it back, but give this guy a beer tribute for going out of his way to do an honorable thing.

Now, if we want some more empirical evidence, lets see what happens when Griffey get his big hit

ps: Wow, Jay Bruce? Wow is all I got to say…

Hilarious & Absolutely Amazing: The Manny Ramirez Catch… And Hi-Fiving The Fan During the Play!

I don’t know how to explain it, but it is something that you have to watch. I don’t want to go into detail about how this play went about, but this could be a Top 10 for 2008 ( including the Red Sox Manny being Manny bias). Check out the video here:

After a couple of weeks, the video is usually taken off, so if you are seeing this after June 1st, it may or may not work. MLB has gotten an iron grip on a lot of its media ( how many baseball clips can you find on Youtube?) and in a way it sucks if you want to look at old highlights. I think they are holding all of it within their system to sell through their new offline and online media collection. A little bullshit how zealous they have become with their content ( I was nearly kicked off of Youtube for showing a Sportscenter highlight); I hope they know they lose exposure if they keep everything in house ( who cares if someone is posting a Pokey Reese highlight on their blog? Probably better than trying to sell someone a Pokey Reese game for $20).
I am tired and ranting, plus I have an article that deals with this in the future. Good morning. ZZZZZZZZzzzz…