Burying A Lakers’ Fan on Bleacherreport.Com

This asshole says this on a post about the Celtics win ( and Pierce’s charades.):

“You guys are an absolute joke. I will tell you another joke. Paul Pierce needs an academy award for his performance last night of a guy who was not really hurt. You mean to tell me that a person can sprain their knee, not be able to walk on it, be carried off the court, and then miraculously run up and down the court as if nothing happen. It was all a show and he loved every minute of it because he knew that all you ridiculous boston fans would be calling him a hero. On speaking of boring, most of the celtics are boring. Rajon Rhondo is the absolute worst basketball player I have ever seen and sam cassell is a close second. Half of the celtics team is has beens or never was. I think the refs had a good share in the tilt of last night’s game and will effect the next game as well, but lakers are taking this in six and you will see a dramatic change in Kobe Bryant. Celtics are throwing anything different to the table as far as defense goes and I would worry more about how the Celtics are going to score then how the Lakers are going to score on the Celtics defense.”

This guy is a loser on so many hierarchal levels that his friends are losers just by association. He is sore about a game, I thought, was amazing due to the fact that these teams are insanely even. I thought that even though we came out with a good win, that the refs were foolish for both sides all day, that Kobe didn’t have a scary breakout game ( although that fade-away from the right at 18-ft against the double-team was too sick for anyone’s good ), that Perkins was injured and didn’t come in, that the matchup can still favor either team to win it all, even though the Celtics are up one game. This bum gets my blood boiling and I would only hope the Lakers would lose just to sadden and depress douchebags like this guy. My rebuttal:


( About the refs )Oh you mean the tilt when PJ Brown was called for two blocking fouls when he was outside of the key-zone with his feet in position in the 4th quarter? You mean when Ray Allen got bumped by Vu a bunch of times going down the stretch?

A joke is the Lakers missing 4 open shots with 5 minutes left.

Also, Pierce said he could walk on ( his feet),  and his trainer, not Pierce, told him to stay put. Not to mention ( but I guess you have Dick Cheney memory ) that Michelle Tafoya said A MINUTE after he went in that he wanted to stand on his own two feet, his trainer said no, and then he INSISTED on standing.

Not to mention that he is going to be injured because a sprain can be played on but it does hurt. Not to mention our 2nd best defensive player Perkins is injured and DIDN”T RETURN TO THE GAME.

Not to mention Rondo outplayed Fisher, got the right passes down, and only turned it over twice. Not to mention he has a new deal with Reebok ( which isn’t Nike, but I doubt they give deals to the worst basketball players ). Not to mention that the game was so boring, that you continued to watch it, and I doubt u were yawning while the game was back and forth.

Not to mention, that defense is an element of winning, and entertainment is good for the Globetrotters and AND 1 basketball. Not to mention that ISN’T professional basketball. Not to mention ALL the teams that won played defense the last 20 years ( Lakers W SHAQ, Miami WITH SHAQ, Detroit AGAINST LAKERS W/ SHAQ, Spurs, DA BULLS, The Rockets etc.) and that by saying the Celtics defense is boring is discounting the last 9-12 championship teams.

Not to mention that no Boston fan has called him a hero, and Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson of ABC, and Tim Legler and Jalen Rose of ESPN all said that the play was hyped, and was only a cool moment to watch on TV. Not to mention Jalen Rose mentioned Pierce is going to get clowned by his teammates for getting a wheelchair.

Not to mention on our radio stations that no one cared about the play, and a lot of people are laughing about how ludicrous the play was, and are more concerned that Perkins is healthy when we play again Sunday.

The joke is on you. Become a smarter sports fan, or don’t post your anger. The series is amazing, and the Lakers and Celts are so even that I don’t have a clue who will win. I hope the Celtics will, but I am enjoying that this championship series is ocurring. Stop bitching, sit down, and actually WATCH it.

Ps; Speak to Steve Nash if you want to know where fast all-offense basketball takes you. I think he’s playing golf in Reno.