The Bad Luck of Jenny Dell and The NESN Hot Woman Farm System

So, the Red Sox broadcasting network NESN pulls out Jenny Dell from her sideline reporting due her dating situation with 3B Will Middlebrooks.

She took the news well, as she has stated no ill will toward the move via Twitter:

Which leads me to address one issue which seems odd: Via Boston.Com, it appears that many people in the organization were aware of the relationship long before this reassignment. If there was a precedent or if they considered the relationship a distraction, why did they let it persist?

It wasn’t like the Red Sox weren’t trying to win the East and make a serious playoff run. And it wasn’t like Will Middlebrooks production was good enough to let it slide. The article does however make a point that this “demotion/promotion” comes around the same time Jenny Dell was considering joining the new Fox Sports One team:

While it’s very hard to believe that their relationship was breaking news to NESN management, it certainly appears as though Dell’s status has been affected by either the backlash to that or perhaps her desire to work elsewhere. There was mutual interest between Dell and Fox Sports 1, though that appears to be in a holding pattern.

"You may not touch Middlebrooks... no more! -#DinnerwithSchmucks #Impression

“You may not touch Middlebrooks… no more!
-#DinnerwithSchmucks #Impression

The point is that: if the Red Sox cared, they would’ve done something about this long ago. They had too much at stake that if there was a rule in place of media/player relationships, this would’ve been handled in-house rather than push this demotion out so blatantly. So this move looks more to be a re-organizing in preparation for another Red Sox reporter to head for bigger/national pastures.

The NESN Sideline Reporter Development System

The Red Sox seem to be a broadcast farm system cultivating beautiful women to join up with bigger networks once they brand themselves as the Red Sox hottie that will keep you interested in a 7-2 lead against the Mariners with Dubront on the mound.


It begin with Tina Cervasio reporting for the Sox up until around 2008/2009, when she left for New York after gaining a great reputation with a great voice, succinct interviews, a great smile, and a good amount of reporting analysis when she did her interview rounds with WEEI.

She was married, so there weren’t rumors of her and anyone else but her husband and family, which being close to them was one of the main reasons she left NESN.

Along with Cervasio was the beautiful Hazel Mae. Her demeanor was always conservative a the lead NESN baseball anchor, but her look was too good to be ignored. he had a huge following, to the point you had people posting horrible love songs to her (also, this video is numbered in the 5-digits, meaning its one of the earliest Vimeo videos ever created):

There were rumors about her dating players, even the one rumor that she was having an affair with former skipper Terry Francona. She was probably the first woman in the Red Sox sideline report farm system to have forum topics dedicated to her personal life. Even though it was hard to see her and Cervasio leave, then came #1 pick in the draft…

All Rise for the Great and Majestic Heidi Watney


New youtube Post: 9th inning Clay No-Hitter Video! Watch!!

This is the full 9th inning of Caly Buchholz no-hitter against the Orioles today. This was very amazing; I see more brighter things from him than from Lester. But nonetheless, let’s place this as a catalyst that can kick the Sox ass into running full gears into the Fall Classic.

Part 2 of the no-hitter will be up shortly and should be on the username of the youtube site.

My Youtube Post: Joba Throws at Youkilis ( Full Video)

UPDATE : MLB Advanced Media took down my video. You have probably noticed there is no baseball ( none ) on Youtube, and MLB is doing its best to vault its media and share it only with other corporate media outlets.

I find it sad because there is a lot of baseball that would be great to watch that I know MLB wouldn’t make a dime off of ( like great plays from Darren Bragg ).

I will talk about this issue in a later post.


This is why a an ALL-IN-Wonder card is ill. I knew something was going to happen in this game:

Clip was taken off Youtube, sorry guys. MLB Advanced Media are greedy whores and kick people off youtube for posting game spots.

This is a great wake-up call to the Sox. I love them and all, but they now have to realize that:

  • Their offense SUX without Manny (against good teams), period.
  • The Yankees are dickheads, but they were and are in it to destroy them. If they don’t get that 2004 mentality back, they are done in the 1st round, regardless of the team.
  • Ortiz isn’t as good without Manny around, and cannot beat any team alone if he was.
  • A rookie currently had more heart in this rivalry than the Sox did. I still don’t like what Joba did, but he did something, and if that was to prove a point, the Red SOx better do something QUICK or they will find a rookie make them look like pussies in 1st.